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Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars often referred to as "like treats like". We think of it as giving a "wake up" call to the body. 

Put another way, it's rather like a friend mimicking one of those endearing little habits we all have.  It's then so obvious that we have to do something about it and wonder how we never noticed it before.

Homeopathy may be used on its own or in conjunction with other therapies.

​If you're wondering what it's like to work with us, here's what some of our clients have said:

"I came to see Smart Holistics several years ago on personal recommendation having been to every doctor, specialist and therapist over the years after getting glandular fever.  I received a warm welcome and sympathetic ear and felt they really understood me and what I was going through.  They helped me get to the root of my problems and their advice is honest, caring and realistic.  Whenever I feel stressed or unwell I always think what would Elaine say right now?  My family also see Elaine and David and I highly recommend them."  TW 2014.

"Since birth I have taken my son to see Elaine for homeopathic treatment.  Visiting Elaine is always a pleasure as she is so calm, friendly and professional and immediately puts you at ease.  I have always found our sessions to be really useful.  Recently, Elaine visited my son at home which was extremely helpful to us; an excellent service, especially for those who might find it difficult to get out or who don't have transport.  I would highly recommend Smart Holistics."  LG 2014.

To find out more or make an appointment please call, text or e mail us – our contact details are below.