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Just in case you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about the number of blog posts we’ve made over the last six years. Yes, six years. Time really does fly by! 
So, with our 300th post, we wanted to highlight the message that’s behind every post. In fact, it underpins everything we do. 
If you need a hint, you’ll find it at bottom of every post. 
The choice is yours. 
Why do we see this as being so important? 
For the simple reason that the only person in charge of your life – and your health – is you. Full stop. End of story. Only you can ever truly know what’s best for you. Despite what other people may like to think – or tell you! What you decide to do – and how you decide to do it – is your decision alone. And no one else’s. 
Now we know it may be stating the blindingly obvious (!) but, to be able to do this, you first have to have all the facts. And the important words here are ALL THE FACTS. Not hearsay, assumptions or other people’s opinions, particularly those dressed up as “facts” when they are nothing of the sort (!). 
However uncomfortable or palatable it may be, it’s important to see all sides of an issue, regardless of what it is. Whether you agree with them or not. 
Why is this? 
For the simple reason that anything that makes you feel uncomfortable in some way is challenging your current set of beliefs. And no one likes to think they are “wrong” in some way. Or, more accurately, the Little Monster in your head doesn’t like to feel it’s “wrong.” 
But if you stop and think about it for a minute, it’s never about being “wrong.” It’s about discovering new information that allows you to put your current beliefs under the microscope. See whether they’re still “right” for you or need updating in some way. To make a decision that truly reflects who you are right now. Not who you were in the past or may be in the future. 
Nothing is written in stone. Everything needs reviewing and updating from time to time. Just think what would happen if you didn’t update the software on your computer at regular intervals! In fact, looked at from that point of view, isn’t it even more stupid holding on to beliefs that are well out of date?!? 
If you need a little practise, there’s plenty out there at the moment to practise on. Just pick a comment, article or video that’s a little outside your comfort zone. One that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable as your current beliefs are challenged. Then take a deep breath and just go with it. Mull it over. Decide whether your beliefs in that area need a little updating. Or, if you’re undecided, sit on the fence for the time being until more information comes in that nudges you one way or the other. Whatever you decide to do, we guarantee you’ll learn a little more about yourself in the process, as well as those people or opinions that make you feel uncomfortable. 
It’s one of the ironies of the modern day that the huge increase in communications – in every form – doesn’t seem to have resulted in better quality communications. More useful and accurate information being easily available to all. Every point of view getting equal prominence. Calm discussion and debate of alternative viewpoints. Respect and acceptance for individual opinions and approaches. 
Instead, exactly the opposite seems to have happened. Everything is reduced to simple soundbites. Opinions have become even more polarised, tolerance seemingly consigned to the past. My view and the wrong view. In other words, everyone else. 
And, as an aside, if there’s one thing that should sound the warning bells loud and clear it’s the insistence that there is only one view on the matter. There is only one “right” view. No others are permitted or tolerated. This can be done blatantly or in the most subtle ways, with many of the big technology companies playing a part in this. Internet search algorithms changed, videos taken down or sites blocked. Searches on particular matters providing no results or being diverted to the “right” – or official – view on the matter. 
Complex issues repackaged into simple “yes” or “no” questions, encouraging knee jerk reactions. And, sadly, social media plays a large part in this; as people get swept along in the crowd without stopping to think through the issue. 
We know we’ve said it time and time again but we’re going to say it again. Just because everyone else is saying or doing whatever it is, this doesn’t automatically mean it’s right for you. Or it’s even true. Yes, we know we’re probably labouring the point, but it’s amazing how easy it is to succumb to our old friend, peer pressure… 
Then, once you’ve done a little research, you can take a proper look at the options available to you at his moment in time. Make a truly informed decision on what is best for you right now. 
And, don’t forget, this may change as time goes on… What’s best for you today may not be the same as a month ago – or in a month’s time. That’s fine, life is all change and doing what’s best for you right now. 
So, with this 300th post, we’d like to remind you about the ABC of research. It applies equally to things large or small. It’s easy to remember and goes like this: 
ASSUME nothing. 
BELIEVE nothing. 
CHECK everything. 
And, as an aside, if you need a reminder as to why assumptions can cause so many problems, look at the spelling again. ASS U ME. Assumptions make an ASS out of U and ME! 
It’s interesting how the response to this suggestion is very predictable and usually along the same lines. Isn’t this going to be incredibly time consuming and complicated? Well, the answer is “no.” Just think how much time people spend sitting in front of the News, flicking through the papers, on social media or surfing the internet. A fraction of this time could be used in finding out about the matter yourself. The only reason it seems like more work is that you’re having to consciously do it yourself, instead of relying on someone else to give you the answer. Or, rather, their own particular answer! And, like all skills, it becomes easier and quicker the more you use it. 
Oh and, if you want a short cut, here it is. Why not use your own GPS? In other words, your very own intuition. Gut instinct, if you prefer. Does whatever it is feel “right” to you or does it feel “off” for some reason? In other words, you know something is wrong but can’t put your finger on why at the moment. And that’s fine, the reason will always appear at some stage. 
So, rather than passively accepting whatever anyone tells you – or wants you to believe – please do a little research of our own. And that includes us as well! It’s as simple as ABC. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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