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Just in case you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about the number of blog posts we’ve made over the last eight – yes, eight – years. Time really does rush by! 
So, with our 400th post, we wanted to highlight some of the mindset topics that come up again and again with Clients. In other words, giving them a new perspective on what may be going on between their ears (!) and, just as importantly, how the Little Monster in their head can all too easily undermine their best efforts. They’re also the blog posts that still seem to catch people’s attention, even years after they were written. 
The first, ironically, is the one that celebrated our 300th blog post. It underpins everything we do and is at the bottom of every post. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
However much anyone may try to convince you otherwise, the only person in charge of your life – and your health – is you. Full stop. End of story. Only you can ever truly know what’s best for you. Despite what other people may like to think – or tell you… What you decide to do – and how you decide to do it – is your decision alone. And no one else’s. 
We know this can be a radical concept for some, so if you need a quick reminder why this is ALWAYS the case click here
Which leads us on to another concept that many people seem to struggle with, particularly in the celebrity fuelled world we live in these days. 
“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” 
Or, put another way, “An original is always worth more than a copy.” 
It sounds like such a simple thing and yet, from an early age, we’re under huge pressure to fit in – and conform – with the world around us. However, in so doing, so much is lost both to us as individuals and the world as whole. 
If you need a quick reminder why an original wins EVERY TIME click here
Which brings us on to another topic that invariably raises its head in the run up to a certain time of year (!) as well as any “big” occasion, whether family or otherwise. 
Perfection doesn’t exist. Yes, really. And trying to achieve it only guarantees one thing. Sky high stress levels. Blood pressure through the roof. And lots more besides. 
So, instead, it’s time to adopt a new mantra. Good enough is good enough. 
After a few calming breaths (!), if you need a reminder why good enough wins EVERY TIME, click here
And, if this simple truth has sent the Little Monster in your head into overdrive, here’s something else that’s all too easily to forget in the heat of the moment. 
Regardless of how you may feel at this particular moment – or how it may look – you ARE doing a good job. 
Yes, YOU REALLY ARE doing a good job. 
Life is all about up’s and down’s. Ebb and flow. 
There are always going to be some days – or tasks – that don’t quite go to plan. Despite all our best efforts. 
Perhaps from factors completely outside our control. Or, maybe, we’re just not firing on all cylinders or feeling 100%. And that’s fine. 
The trick is not to beat yourself up about it. Or anyone else (!). Just let it be ok. Or “One of those days”. 
For a quick reminder why you’re ALWAYS doing a good job click here
And let’s finish with a post from earlier this year. Being happy. 
Happiness is one of those things that’s almost impossible to describe in words, even though we instantly know whether we’re feeling happy – or not (!). 
Have you ever wondered why this is? 
For a start, happiness is unique. What makes me happy is different than for you. 
The only way to find out what really makes you happy is to experience it for yourself. To go out and live your life so you can discover all the unique things that make you happy. 
Being happy is our natural state. It makes life flow so much more easily, regardless of what else may be going on at the time. 
The tricky bit can be finding what makes you happy and then doing it regardless of what anyone else may think or say. For a quick reminder why this is ALWAYS the case click here
Which neatly brings us back to where we started – and where we always finish. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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