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Traditionally, this time of year heralds the start of the great spring clean. And, before the days of the domestic appliances we all take so much for granted (!), this was no mean feat… Or quick job. 
Not surprisingly, it’s a topic we’ve covered before, although our focus was more from an energy point of view than a dust reduction one. In other words, thinking about it as a way of bringing fresh energy – and impetus – into our lives after the quieter and more reflective winter period. You can find a copy of this post here
Hand in hand with this went a much more personal spring clean or, as it’s more usually called today, a detox. Giving our bodies the chance to clear the after effects of heavier foods and a more sedentary lifestyle in preparation for the summer ahead. Again, you can find a copy of this post here
However, since the few days of lovely warm weather in both February and March, we’ve noticed an interesting twist on spring cleaning. And how it can have many more benefits than originally anticipated. 
It involves something we all take for granted – like our body, until it lets us down – but sends out a message loud and clear about us and our approach to life. 
Have you guessed what it is yet? 
Our car. Or van, motorbike or however else we get around. And, if you rely on shanks’ pony, and think it doesn’t apply to you, think again. It does, although in a slightly different way. 
Anyway, before we digress too far, not only did the warm weather encourage people to go outside, but it also led to a flurry of car cleaning. Both inside and out. And the junk we saw coming out of one particular car had to be seen to be believed… 
But what came next was most intriguing, particularly as we heard much the same story from several different people. Not only did they start enjoying driving their car again, but their lives began to pick up momentum too. 
Obstacles seemed to disappear and unexpected opportunities arrived, taking them in exactly the direction they wanted to go. And if you think about it from an energy point of view, this makes complete sense. 
Our car – or whatever method of transport we use to get around – is a great metaphor for our approach to life. 
Is it clean, well looked after and only carrying what we actually needed? 
Or is it dirty, poorly maintained and full of junk? 
Not only do these send out very different messages to those around us but also the world at large. 
And what about how it feels every time you get behind the wheel? If you’re in any doubt about the effect it’s been having on you, just get into someone else’s car and feel how your energy can instantly change. For the better and less so. 
David had first hand experience of this a few years ago when he was out shopping one day and, as we all do, got out the car key to unlock the car as he walked towards it. The car was the same make and colour as his and the lights flashed when he pressed the key. It never occurred to him to check the registration plate until he was already ensconced in the driver’s seat. 
Well that’s strange he thought, I don’t remember there being straw on the floor, I really must give it a clean. Goodness, this car is in a state. It’s so depressing. And then he started to look round. At the furry dice hanging from the rear view mirror, the pile of junk on the passenger seat and the child seat in the back.  
Then, as they say, the penny slowly dropped. It wasn’t his car! How on earth he’d managed to unlock it – or lock it again – he never did find out, nor did the garage manage to explain beyond very long odds. But it provided a very graphic example of how quickly a change of surroundings can affect us, for better or worse… 
So wouldn’t this be a good time to give your car – or other method of transport – a bit of tlc? 
Get rid of the junk you’ve been meaning to clear out for ages, as well as all those things that somehow ended up there but never made it back into your home or office. Give it a good clean, both inside and out; or drop in to your local car wash or valeting centre. And, again, without digressing too far we were amused to see our local centre now has rates for vans and tractors too, so there’s no escaping! 
And, while you’re about it, have you missed a service – or, even worse, MOT? 
Then once your car is all nice and shiny and well looked after, you’ll find you enjoy driving it again. Not only that, but you’ll want to keep it that way too! 
If you think the same rationale doesn’t apply to a motorbike or bike, you’d be wrong. A good clean, some tlc and making sure you’ve got the proper clothing / equipment all send out the same message to the world at large. 
But what if you have to rely on public transport? 
Well, how about choosing the best seat you can that’s clean and well lit, so you can read an interesting book while you travel or see whatever else it is that you’re doing. 
And, finally, what if you’re walking? 
Well, that’s definitely a good reason to minimise whatever you’re carrying with you (!) and make sure your shoes / coat are in good condition, waterproof and comfortable. 
So, with the Easter weekend fast approaching, how about a small piece of spring cleaning that’s guaranteed to bring lots of positive effects – not least lots of brownie points for voluntarily cleaning your chosen mode of transport?!? 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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