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A few weeks ago we took a quick trip down memory lane thanks to a song by “Fun Boy Three with Bananarama”. If you’d like another dose of nostalgia, here’s the link
As the song so beautifully put it, “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it, that’s what gets results.” In other words, it’s not about WHAT we do, but HOW we do it, that’s the most important thing. So, the energy and intention behind whatever we’re doing, rather than the thing itself. 
For some reason, we often seem to miss this. Tending to focus on the visible end result – the action – rather than the energy and intention driving it. 
Which, if you stop to think about it, is rather backwards thinking. Why? 
For the simple reason that energy and intention always come first, well before any action occurs. Without them, nothing happens. They provide the spark needed to start the whole process going and then drive whatever action we may then take. 
While it may be rather a cliché, EVERYTHING starts with a thought – whether we’re aware of it or not – with action only happening much later to achieve the result we desire. And that applies to everything we do in life, from the smallest, most routine thing to the largest, most unusual one. Which leads us neatly on to what we’d like to talk to today. 
Again, it’s all about energy and intention but on a much larger scale. It’s most often referred to as our approach to life. 
Are we fully involved in life, fully participating in every aspect of it OR are we completely entangled and bogged down with it? 
And, if this sounds more like a simple case of semantics, let’s quickly dig out our trusty dictionary to show how different these two states – or energies (!) – are: 
“Involved, to participate in an action or situation. To become occupied or engrossed in.” 
“Entangled, to become twisted together with or caught in. Difficult or complicated circumstances from which it is difficult to escape.” 
Being involved is all about fully participating in whatever happens in our lives. Big or small. Welcome or less so. Simply doing whatever is needed in every situation without any fuss or fanfare. 
This doesn’t mean we have to take control – or interfere (!) – but simply do whatever’s needed at the time taking into account all the relevant factors. Not only what’s appropriate in the situation but also our own – and others – resources at the time. And by resources we’re not just talking about physical resources such as strength, fitness, money or energy. But our own – and everyone else’s – capabilities, skills, energy, time and the like. 
Just think of the most unflappable person you know. Who always seems to do exactly what’s needed – or helps others to do it – regardless of what’s going on. And then gets on with whatever they were doing, without even missing a step. No drama, no fuss, it’s just done. And we all know at least one person like that… 
And, before we move on, we’ll quickly highlight one trap waiting to catch the unaware. This is that being involved means you always have to do something. Anything. Well, the simple answer is it doesn’t. Sometimes, no action is needed – or can be done. It may simply be a case of leaving it be or leaving it to someone else who is better able to do whatever is needed. Or, perhaps, a kind word or smile does it all. Or, just as important, the thought – and energy – that this person or situation is going to be fine. Well, more than fine. Resolved in the best possible way for all concerned. 
So, before you metaphorically don your Superman – or Superwomen (!) – outfit just stop and think for a moment. What is truly needed in this situation at this moment? 
Being involved is a very different state – and energy – to becoming entangled. Allowing ourselves to become completely overwhelmed and submerged by life and whatever happens. It’s the trap we all too easily to fall into when the drama takes over and we find ourselves swept away by it all. Losing ourselves in the process and, sadly, forfeiting our ability to do much to help the situation. 
From here, it’s only a very short – and quick step – to becoming a victim. Poor me, why does this always happen to me? And, sadly, we all know people like that too… 
However, going into “poor me” mode is the quickest way to prevent us from doing anything to help. Whether ourselves or anyone else. It means we give away all our power to do anything about it. Put life in the driving seat of whatever happens to us, rather than making of life what we will. And, again, while it may sound slightly cliché, life is what we make it. Always has been, always will. 
So, now it’s over to you. To be fully involved with everything that happens in life OR completely entangled and submerged by it. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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