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We have a very good friend to thank for the inspiration for this week’s blog post – she knows who she is (!). She has a great gift for making seemingly innocuous statements – or asking simple questions – which are then guaranteed to get you thinking. And this is a great example of one of them. 
It all started with her making a very simple observation. That people seem to be very good at saying “no” but seem to find it much harder to say “yes”. And it doesn’t seem to matter what it is. For some reason, our automatic reflex response seems to be “no.” Why is this? 
Well, we’d say there are many reasons for this – probably as many as there are people (!) – but a big one is that we prefer to stick with the routine and predictable. Know what’s likely to happen rather than stepping outside our comfort zone. 
While this helps keep us safe, it can mean we miss out on experiencing all the things life has to offer. However, there’s another effect we don’t tend to think about. That if we say “no” too often – and so are putting out a “no” vibe – then we stop being asked in the future. After all, who wants to keep making an offer and being turned down… We bet you never thought about it in those terms before! So, in the end, we completely miss out on even being asked… 
As so often is the case, there’s a simple solution. Say “yes” (!). So, to help get back in the swing of things, she came up with a very simple dare. For one day only, say “yes” to whatever comes your way. Expected or unexpected. Something you’ve done before or completely new. Potentially scary (!) or well within your comfort zone. 
You don’t need to publicise that’s what you’re doing, just make the intention and see what happens. Not only will it be quite exhilarating – and may also give you some good stories for your friends (!) – but it may just open up your eyes – and life – more than you ever thought possible! 
So now it’s over to you. Go on, we dare you! 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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