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We know that even raising this question may be considered heresy by some – or us luddites by others (!) – but has our modern obsession with communication just gone too far? 
Has it transformed from a useful tool – our servant – making life so much easier, to an insatiable monster without us even noticing? 
And are we so distracted that we don’t actually live our lives anymore? 
Go out and about these days and it won’t take you long to see this modern obsession in action. People crossing the street while hypnotised by their phones. Texting or talking on the phone while driving cars, riding bikes or eating out at the restaurants. Really, doing almost anything you can think of with their phone glued to their hand or ear. 
Completely oblivious to what they’re doing – or those around them. 
It’s not surprising that mobile phones are now one of the leading factors in accidents and injuries, particularly involving cars. 
It’s ironic that this great upsurge in communication seems to have had exactly the opposite effect to that intended. Instead of focussing on meaningful – and useful – communication, people are encouraged to instantly communicate the smallest detail of their lives on facebook. Instant opinions on twitter. 
People are so busy being busy – and making sure that everyone knows just how busy they are – that they’ve lost touch with what is really going on in our lives. And living them. 
Face to face conversations and relationships are no longer the cornerstone of our lives. Texts, tweets, updates and short phone calls have all taken their place. 
Relationships with real people - giving them your time and undivided attention – seem to be a thing of the past. 
We know that some may think we’ve painted an unnecessarily bleak picture. 
Or, perhaps, it’s just a little too close to the truth for comfort? 
Either way hasn’t the time come to restore the balance a little? 
For most people it happened quietly, without them even noticing it. So isn’t it time to take a step back and see whether technology is really making your life easier. Is it a useful tool – your servant – or has it become your tyrannical master? 
So here’s a radical suggestion. Why not spend a day each week without ALL the technology. Instead give your undivided attention to whoever you’re with. Spend time doing the things you enjoy. Live your life again, rather than being permanently distracted. The world won’t stop and, you never know, you may just feel better for it. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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