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Beginnings and endings are part of the great circle of life. Well, beginnings, middles and ends. The circle completes and starts again. 
While we tend to only remember the big circles – whether they’re welcome or not – they happen every day, in many different ways, whether we’re aware of them or not. Big and small. Part of our regular routine or completely unexpected. Long anticipated and hoped for or a bolt from the blue. Our heart’s desire or greatest nightmare. 
Whatever time or day you’re reading this blog we can guarantee you’ll already have been through this circle many times. Not convinced? Well, what about all those routine things you do every day without ever giving them a second thought? They all have a beginning, middle and end. From the end of the circle of sleep as you woke up this morning – we bet you hadn’t thought of that one (!) – to the drink you may be having as you read this. And that’s without the bigger things that may be happening in your life right now. Regardless of their size, they all have a beginning, middle and end. 
Without them our lives would be very dull. Not to mention static, going nowhere. The trick is to be aware of these circles. Particularly all the things you never stop to think about. Why? For the simple reason it takes you off autopilot and puts you back in the driving seat of your life. 
And here’s the important bit. Once you do, and whatever it is, find something – or lots of things (!) – to appreciate about it. And, yes, we know it’s much easier for some things than others. However, there’s ALWAYS something to appreciate and be grateful for in EVERYTHING that happens in your life, IF you look for it. 
Perhaps it’s a simple short term pleasure, like your favourite drink or a soak in the bath. Or a longer term project, whether desired or not. Whatever it is, and wherever you are in the circle, there is ALWAYS something to appreciate about it RIGHT NOW. To be grateful for. 
And, once you do this, something magical happens. Everything that happens in your life becomes something which helps you in some way. Or many ways. Makes your life richer and more worth living. 
So why not practice on the small things that happen every day? Appreciate them, feel grateful for them. And then when the bigger things come along, particularly the bolts out of the blue, you’ll be much better able to deal with them. To ride the crest of the wave rather than being completely submerged by it. Ah, now the choice of this week’s picture makes sense (!). 
As always, the choice is yours. 
Photograph by unknown author 
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