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It’s usually only with the power of hindsight that we realise how much we’ve been helped along our chosen path – and, often, in ways we could never have expected or anticipated. Some people or events were very obvious; others only apparent much further down the road or when pointed out by someone else. 
And, while it’s easier to see those people or events who positively helped us, what about those who did not? 
Or, more accurately, seemed not to at the time. 
Those people who deliberately – or not – worked against us. Shook our self confidence, made us doubt ourselves. 
Or those events which seemed to pull the rug out from under our feet or turned our world completely upside down. 
It’s easy to see them all as unwanted obstacles placed in our way, making life much harder than it need be. However, they were often blessings in disguise. 
Testing whether we really desired whatever it was. Whether some small changes – or going back to the drawing board – was needed. 
Made us listen to our inner guidance, rather than those around us. 
Helped develop our inner strength and determination. 
So, today, why not say a quick heartfelt “thank you” to them all? Whether out loud or only in your head (!)… 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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