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We all do it at times and, before you ask, that includes us too (!).  
Find ourselves reaching for our favourite little treat or comfort food, before we’ve realised what we’re doing. 
Often, it’s something sweet or chocolate related – or both (!) – although it doesn’t have to be. Something savoury, crisps or a sneaky sausage roll, seem to be just as popular. 
Whatever it is, we easily convince ourselves that it’s what we need RIGHT NOW – and it’s all too easy to have just one more or for it to become a regular part of our day… 
Now, despite what some people might think (!), we’re not complete killjoys and saying you can’t have a treat from time to time. But BEFORE your hand reaches the packet (!) just pause for a moment. Notice how you’re really feeling RIGHT NOW. Why you feel you need a treat RIGHT NOW. 
Then ask yourself the million dollar question. Ready? Here it is: 
What is it you REALLY need RIGHT NOW??? 
Very quickly you’ll realise it isn’t about the treat at all, but something else entirely. A deeper need that isn’t being met; whether on an ongoing basis or just in this particular moment. Comfort, rest, love, security, inner peace. Or, perhaps, something else completely. You’ll know what it is, so, just add it to the list. 
While a little treat from time to time can help raise your spirits, it’s short lived at best. It can never give you whatever you REALLY desire. So, now you’ve realised what it is, simply focus on all the small and easy ways you can give it to yourself RIGHT NOW WITHOUT having to resort to raiding the kitchen cupboards or fridge (!). 
Usually, it’s taking a little time out to do something you really enjoy doing. Reading a book, sitting in the sunshine, going for a walk, having a soak in the bath, calling a friend. Whatever it is you know hits the spot, but you never quite get round to doing – or can think of lots of other things you should be doing instead. And, we’re all guilty of that at times… In no time at all you’ll be feeling much perkier, ready to rejoin the flow of life with a spring in your step and smile on your face. Yes, really! 
When you start listening to what your body and feelings are telling you, you’ll find that taking the hint provides you with exactly what you need RIGHT NOW. Even better, you’ll have quickly recharged your batteries and easily turned your day around. Oh, and if the Little Monster in your head is busy telling you about the time you’ve “lost” in the process, you’ll be surprised how quickly you make it up! 
As always, the choice is yours. 
Photograph by unknown author 
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