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With life starting to return to “normal” – or, more accurately, the “new normal”, whatever that might be – it’s interesting how we’ve heard the same comment over and over again. And from a variety of sources. It goes along the lines that people expected to be feeling happy once life started to get back to normal. 
In other words, they got back to their normal daily routine. Work. Children at school. Being able to go out shopping – and not just for food. A drink with friends. 
However, this didn’t seem to be the case. Instead of feeling happy to be back in the flow of life, they felt even more unsettled and insecure. 
Why is this? 
Well, the easy answer is that change of any kind is unsettling. While we don’t like to admit it, generally, we’re creatures of habit and routine. And, yes, we know there are always going to be exceptions to the rule (!). 
We feel safer knowing what’s going to happen and, just as important, when it’s likely to occur. Ironically, the same applies whether it’s what we desire or less so. In other words, it’s the predictability that seems to be more important than anything else… 
When change is forced on us – and with little warning – it’s not surprising that many people have found it so hard to adjust. To take things in their stride. Particularly as the goal posts have just kept moving, with plenty of inconsistencies and contradictions thrown in for good measure. We’re sure you’ve noticed them for yourselves. If not, perhaps, you need to be paying a bit more attention… 
However, there’s a much deeper issue playing a part here too. It’s one we’ve been focussing on this year and always comes up when we talk to Clients. And it all comes down to what we can – and more importantly, can’t – control. 
While we don’t like to admit it, there’s only one thing we can ever control in the world. And that’s ourselves. We can’t directly control external events. But – and it’s a big but – we can control them indirectly. By how we choose to see them and, most importantly, how we choose to react to them. 
As a quick aside, choose is always an important word to remember. Everything in our lives is a choice. Yes it is! What we choose to believe and think. What we choose to say and the words we use to say it. And, finally, what we choose to do. Our thoughts, words and deeds. 
The big problem is that many of our choices are made unconsciously, without any thought at all. Or by default, as we try to avoid making a choice, so they are made for us in some other way. However, regardless of the method used, it is still a choice despite our best efforts to convince ourselves otherwise… 
So, yet again, it’s about bringing the focus back to ourselves. Instead of looking at all the uncertainly and confusion around us, concentrating on the one thing that we do have control of. Ourselves. Accepting – and, yes, we know acceptance is a very scary word for some (!) – that there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment. That there will be for a while to come. And that’s ok. 
Rather than getting caught up in it all, resisting or fighting it all the way, just letting it be. This doesn’t mean we have to like it; we’re simply recognising that we don’t have any control over it at the moment. Although, this may change in the future… 
Then, having taken the pressure off ourselves, focussing on what makes us feel happy and secure. And, if it sounds like a bit of a cop out, it isn’t. You’ll find out why in a moment. 
Not the big things, the ones used to make up people’s wish lists. “I’ll be happy when”, followed by a long list of stuff we like to think will make us eternally happy, but never quite does… 
Nor by cutting ourselves off from those around us and the world at large. Or by turning our home into a fortress which, ironically, becomes our very own prison… 
Instead on the small things, that are within easy reach every day. A beautiful sunrise. Our favourite song or piece of music. A steaming cup of tea cradled in our hands. A great book. A joke with a friend. Time with our four footed friends. A soak in the bath. Pottering in the house – or garden. We’re sure you have plenty of your own. Each gives us a little dose of security and happiness. Takes the pressure off, helps recharge our batteries. 
And then something magical happens. Like a pebble thrown in a pond, we send ripples out to those around us. As we feel more secure and, dare we say it, happy the effects start to ripple out to those around us. Then on to the world at large. We’re indirectly affecting the world without ever realising it... 
If this sounds too new agey – “peace, love and panpipes man” (!) – just think how your mood can change during the day. And, instantly, change how your day is going. Not only for you, but those around you too. Both positively and less so… Or how a single person can raise the atmosphere in a room simply by their presence. Just as quickly, send it plummeting… 
And, if you’ve ever been to any large event, you’ll have experienced this on a much larger scale. The jubilation of a goal, the disappointment of a near miss. The ebb and flow of emotions in the cinema or at a live music event. 
So, if this is happening with a – relatively – small number of people, what affect do you think that millions of people focussing on the same event will have? Just think of all the emotions being aroused in recent months as people watched the News, read the papers or talked to other about what was going on… 
Fascinating research over the last few decades has demonstrated the power of a small number of people focussing on the same thing. They all involved a small group of people meditating together, which resulted in a marked reduction in violent crime in a particular area. 
Now here’s the intriguing bit. This reduction occurred both during the time of the meditation and continued for a period afterwards. Where the meditation occurred regularly, these reductions were sustained on an ongoing basis. 
And, if this hasn’t blown too many of your circuits already (!), here’s another equally intriguing thing. Those meditating don’t have to be together in the same physical location. Mediating at the same time and with the same intention has exactly the same affect. 
For those, who are used to thinking in terms of energy this will make complete sense; although we know that for others it may be less so! If you prefer it in more scientific terms, this is exactly what Quantum Mechanics is all about. It’s also confirms what Mystics have known for centuries. The language may be different but the underlying concepts are exactly the same. And, if you’d like to go a little further down this particular rabbit hole, then the film, “What the bleep do we know?” is a great place to start. Go on, we dare you! 
So, what’s the bottom line? 
Well, as we keep saying, we all have much more control over our lives than we realise. And, indirectly, over the world around us. It’s never about forcing ourselves, others or the world around us to be the way we think they should be. Or focussing on all the things that are “wrong”, worry or frighten us. 
Instead, it’s about allowing ourselves to be happy and content regardless of what’s happening around us. And then as we change, the world around us has to change. 
Or, as someone so beautifully put it. “You never see a happy dog in a miserable home or a miserable dog in a happy home. One always reflects the other.” 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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