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As clients and regular readers of this blog will know, we love getting people’s “little grey cells” working. 
Perhaps with a completely different perspective on something they’ve never stopped to think about before. And can then never see in quite the same way again… 
Or, by asking what seems like a very simple question, which gets them thinking in a very different way. 
Looking back on recent blog posts we’ve done a lot of the former but less of the later and thought it was time to redress the balance.  
So, if you’re ready for one of those simple little questions to get you thinking, here we go. 
Ok, what do you want? 
We bet that surprised you! 
It doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking big – about your life overall – or very small. A little treat for yourself or something a little bigger, say, a new item of clothing. 
What do you really, really want? 
Can you put it into words? 
Or, even better, visualise how it would look. What it would feel like to have it. 
Now, if we were betting people, we’d guess that most people’s reaction to this question was a sharp intake of breath followed by a rather long pause. And then a description of what they didn’t want in connection with whatever it was. Finally, there may have been a few positive words about what they did actually want. However, we can guarantee, this won’t be in anything like the same detail – or carry the emotional charge – as their initial and unwanted response. 
Now we’ve pointed it out, it’s all too obvious why this approach doesn’t give us the results we desire. It’s simply another example of backwards thinking. That, somehow, being able to say what we don’t want will magically get us the exact opposite. And, by the way, just because everyone else does this; it doesn’t automatically mean it’s a good thing to do! 
Being clear on what we don’t want – and focussing on it – will NEVER help us get what we DO want. Not only is it sending out completely the wrong message but making us feel bad in the process. Rather than opening up all the possibilities, it simply guarantees that we’ll get more of what we don’t want. 
However, it’s not all “doom and gloom.” If you’re clear on what you don’t want, then turn it round 180 degrees to find out what you do. Simple, hey? 
Then put all your energy and focus into that. Let your imagination run riot. Enjoy day dreaming about it. What it would look like. How you would benefit from having it. How good it would feel. Smile in anticipation. 
And here’s the important bit. Let it come in its own time AND its own way. Not only is this often very different to what you imagined, but is usually much better than you could have possibly hoped for. After all, you’re thinking about something new, so how on earth could you know EXACTLY what it will be like and when it will come to you? 
And, if this all sounds a bit airy fairy, then think back to something you really, really wanted and then got. Remember how you played with the idea of what it was you wanted. Dreamed about it. Had fun with it. Eagerly anticipated its arrival. Thought about it often and were sure you were going to get it. The things you were inspired to do to help it come to you more easily and quickly. And, when it did arrive, how it was even better than you imagined and how good you felt. 
The good news is that this is how we naturally create everything in our lives. The problem is that the process has been hijacked by the Little Monster in our heads to keep us repeating the same mistakes over and over again. To keep us exactly where we are. 
Whether we like it or not, what we think about every day moulds our lives in every way. Subtle and less so. In the very short term and long term. 
So why not spend some time thinking about what you would really like to have in your life? From the very big to the very small. Dare to dream. 
And then, starting with something really small, have some fun imagining what it would be like to have it. Enjoy the positive emotions this stirs up and the anticipation of having it. Then follow any inspiration you may have. Perhaps to visit a shop you don’t normally visit or mentioning it to someone, who then turns out to have one they don’t want. It’s amazing the ways things can come to you once you’re clear on exactly what it is you desire AND relax enough to let them come in their own time and way. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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