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It always strikes us as ironic that many people seem to know more about their smartphone – or any other piece of electronic gadgetry they may rely on (!) – than they do about their own body. 
Its features. How it works. What it needs to function at its best. 
And “yes” we know that the human body is the only piece of complicated equipment that comes without an instruction manual (!) but that really is no excuse (!). 
So, this week, we’re going to dispel a few common myths / misunderstandings we’ve come across recently about “your internal geography” or, as one client so beautifully put it, “your giblets”. 
Let’s start with an easy one. 
Where is your Heart found? 
If this sounds like a trick question, it isn’t meant to be at all. It’s simply designed to get you thinking. 
The answer we most commonly hear is that it’s on the top, left hand side, of the chest. You know the place where people sometimes put their hand when singing the national anthem. 
Well, that’s close, but not quite there. 
Ok, well how about under the left breast / nipple? 
You’re getting warmer, but still in quite the right place. 
Give up? 
Ok, well the Heart is actually found in the middle of the chest, between the Lungs. 
However – and this may be where some of the confusion comes from – it’s larger and more muscular on the left, than the right. This then gives the illusion that it’s more to the left of the body than the right. 
If you want an easy way to remember where it is, find the place where your Ribs meet and then go slightly up. That’s where your Heart is. 
How about another one? 
Can you point to where your Stomach is located? 
If you pointed to the area around your tummy button, you’re in good company. 99 times out of 100 this is where people point to. 
Unfortunately, that’s not the place at all! This area is the Abdomen. While the lower digestive tract can be found here – the Small and Large Intestines, if you want to get technical – the Stomach is found above these. 
Do you want another guess? 
If you pointed somewhere below the Heart – now you know where it is (!) – you’re almost there. 
The Stomach is really just a muscular bag; located on the top, left hand side of the Abdomen below the Heart. It can hold up to 1.5 gallons of food / liquid and so, when full, expands to take up a much larger space across the centre of the Abdomen. With this ability to expand, it’s easy to see how people can think it’s found much lower in the body. 
Closely related to the Stomach, is the Liver. Many people these days talk about detoxing, but do you know where your Liver is found? 
This question is one that most people have no idea about, so we’ll put you your of your misery quickly. It’s found on the top, right hand side of the Abdomen tucked under the Ribs and Diaphragm. It’s on the opposite side of the body to the Stomach. 
If you trace the bottom of your Ribs on the right hand side, this is where the Liver is. This ensures that it’s well protected as it’s such an essential part of the body. Often referred to as the body’s “waste and recycling” centre this only tells part of the story. Its other functions include the synthesis and storage of certain vitamins and minerals, storage / release of glucose and production of bile, needed to break down the fats in the food we eat. 
Let’s do one more. How about your kidneys? 
Again, there is one very common answer – or place pointed to. And this is on the back at waist level. 
While it’s heading in the right direction, this isn’t quite the place. 
Want a clue? Ok, well like the Liver, the Kidneys are vital to healthy functioning of the body and so need to be well protected. 
Got it? Yes, they’re found much higher, tucked under the bottom of the Ribs on either side of the Spine. 
The Liver and Kidneys work closely together, with the Kidneys filtering the blood several times a day. Waste products are removed, the body’s fluid balance controlled and electrolyte balance regulated. 
We’ll stop there, but trust you’ve got the point we want to make. Now you know a little bit more about your body – although probably still much less than you do about your smartphone (!) – isn’t it about time to learn a little more? 
Not down to the minutest level, but just so you’ve got a much clearer idea of what’s going on. Or should be. 
So you appreciate the wonderful piece of equipment you currently take so much for granted. 
And, just as important, to know when “things aren’t quite right”. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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