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Life, these days, seems to be a constant barrage of mixed messages. 
On one hand we’re encouraged to take the easy option. To be more sedentary. 
To use the lift rather than the stairs. Park the car as close as possible to our destination. Sit more, both at home and at work. In short, to utilise every device designed to save us time or effort. 
On the other we’re told to be more active, with government backed recommendations on the amount of exercise to be taken each week. 
Alongside this are all the scare stories in the press highlighting soaring rates of obesity, high blood pressure and stress. 
To us it’s never made sense to go to the gym three times a week for a brisk workout – usually by car (!) – then to be sedentary for the rest of the time. 
Not only does it give a false sense of security, but the chances of injury are much greater than for daily – more gentle – exercise. 
Instead we would always recommend being more active during the day and topping this up with some other form of exercise you enjoy. With the emphasis on a form of exercise you enjoy, not one you hate doing and have to force yourself to do(!). 
And, if you needed an added incentive, some fascinating research found that doing a form of exercise you enjoy – even if it’s gentler – has a much greater positive impact than a more intensive one you hate. 
Now we know that many people will say they’re far too busy to do this. And won’t it just make my day even more complicated? 
But let’s just stop and think about this for a moment. 
Think about the last time you used the lift. Having to wait for it to get to your floor. How it inevitably stops at every floor before the one you want. 
If you’re only going up two or three floors, it’s much quicker – and less stressful – to take the stairs. And you’ll feel virtuous too! 
Or the last time you hunted for a parking space in a town centre car park. Went round and round looking for a space. Probably clock watching at the same time. Feeling your blood pressure slowly increasing. 
Wouldn’t it have been so much easier – and less stressful – to park a few minutes out in the free parking? Ok, not if you’re doing a big shop, but for those times when you’re popping out for a few bits. 
It’s ironic that, in seeking to make our lives easier, we often end up doing exactly the opposite without realising it. Yes, remembering to do things differently is more work at first, but it quickly makes life easier. 
Not only will you have improved your health – making any physical task much easier – but there are lots of other benefits too. Your energy levels will be much better. It’s a much easier way to lose weight. Clothes shopping becomes easier (!). And the list goes on. 
Added to this, you’ll find that your life seems to flow much more easily, as you take back control. No longer are you having to wait for someone else – or something else. The lift or car parking space. Instead, you’re deciding what to do and when. To use the stairs or where to park. 
And, finally, having made one small change to your life it’s much easier to make others. Which is how lives are transformed. One small step at a time. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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