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We’re all running through life, in one way or other, regardless of how it may seem or how athletic – or not – we may be… And, “no” we’re not following on from last week’s post about making exercise easy either! If you missed the post, click here. 
Nor are we going to talk about the modern obsession with being “busy, busy, busy” and making sure everyone knows just how busy we are (!). If you need a quick reminder why this approach rarely gives the desired results, both in terms of productivity and how easily they’re achieved, click here
Instead, it’s a rather different form of running we’ve got in mind today. The energy we consciously – or, more often, unconsciously – put into our lives. And then out into the world around us. 
Lovely, happy, positive energy when it’s something we like doing or someone we enjoy spending time with. Not only does time seem to zip by, but whatever we need to achieve seems to happen very easily and quickly. 
By contrast comes the heavy, more draining, energy of something we really don’t want to do or someone we’d prefer not to spend time with (!). The dread beforehand, time dragging by while we’re immersed in it and the additional effort needed to do whatever it is. Not forgetting the relief when it’s over, followed by the sinking feeling about a possible future repetition. We’re sure you can quickly conjure up memories of both approaches without too much difficulty (!). 
Which brings us back to running. If you stop and think about it, when we run, we do it for one of two reasons. Either to run away from a situation or person we don’t like – the “fight or flight” option (!) – or towards one we do. And here’s the important bit, the energy we invest in the process is very different, as are the results we achieve. 
The light, joyful energy we’ve already talked about into something we desire. The heavy, negative energy into something we don’t desire and just want to get away from. 
However, there’s another big difference in these two scenarios.  
Running towards something means our focus is on the future and all those exciting possibilities. We’ve made a positive choice as to where we’d like to go and we’re heading in that direction, hurrah! 
This is very different to the energy involved in running away from something. Not only is it all about escaping from something – or someone (!) – but it also has its focus on the past – “I just want to get away from here” – without being clear on exactly what we do desire and where we want to go. More often it’s a case of anything being better than where we are right now… 
When you look at it in these terms, it’s easy to see why running away from something rarely delivers the results we desire… 
So, where are we going with this? 
Well, once again, it’s a reminder about the importance of being aware of the energy you’re putting into any situation or with any person. Whether it’s being driven by a need to run towards it or away from it. Simply noticing how you’re feeling about whatever it is – light or heavy – tells you which one it is in an instant. 
And, if you need a hint, if whatever it is comes under the “problem” label – ie, something to be “fixed” and/ or got rid or as soon as possible (!) – then it’s definitely something you’re running away from. 
If this all sounds like hard work and rather depressing, it isn’t. Once you’re clear on the motivation behind anything – or anyone – you’re half way there. 
So, if there’s lots of positive, light energy and you’re running towards whatever it is with open arms, then carry on, you’re already heading in the right direction! 
If it’s something you’re running away from, then use this revelation to help decide what it is you really do desire. And, if you need another hint, it’ll be the exact opposite of what you’re trying to run away from. Then simply change your focus to this and start heading in that direction. Yes, it really is that easy! 
Oh, and before we finish for today, a couple more hints about how to make life even easier for yourself. 
When deciding what you really want to run towards, make sure it’s couched in positive terms. Why? Because otherwise your focus is still on what you don’t want and are escaping from. Focusing on what you don’t desire will never give you what you do
So, for example, if you’re wanting to lose weight – and who doesn’t at this time of year (?!?) – change your focus to being slim. Imagine how good it would feel, smile to yourself and then head in that direction. Both mentally and physically. Run towards being slim – no pun intended (!) – rather than trying to run away from needing to lose weight. 
And, finally, if you have any health condition or concern there’s “one size fits all” direction to run towards. “I am completely healthy”. Just imagine how good this would feel and keep your focus fixed on it as you head in that direction. After all, that’s all anyone really desires… 
As always, the choice is yours. 
Photograph by unknown author 
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