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Yes we know it’s a day early (!) but, this week, we’re going to do two things we’ve never done before.  
And, no, we’re not still in holiday mode! 
The first is sending out this e mail about the weekly blog post a day early. 
The second is that, rather than writing the blog post ourselves, we’re going to link to one written by Dr Joseph Mercola. 
If you haven’t come across the Mercola website before, it’s a great source of information for health – and lifestyle – related matters. 
The article has been written in response to the ongoing negative press about Homeopathy and features the film “Just one drop, The story behind the Homeopathy controversy” released in April 2017. 
The Mercola website is offering a FREE special stream of this film until Friday, 14th, June 2019. So, if you’re quick, you can still watch it for free.  
It’s only just over an hour long and definitely worth it, whether you’re a fan of Homeopathy or just want to find out more. 
So, without further ado, click here for the article and FREE special stream. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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