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There are some things which never seem to change. The schools go back and, right on cue, Summer finally arrives. Or, at least, an Indian Summer. Which, after the very traditional English Summer we’ve “enjoyed” this year, seems even more poignant than usual. Then, quick on their heels, come a spate of calls and emails from Clients looking ahead to the colder months of the year. 
Each year, our advice is basically the same. To focus on the small things you do every day; the majority of which, dare we say, are down to good old fashioned common sense. These help support both your long term health AND that over the coming Winter. Then, having got the basics right, add any necessary top ups. Supplements, tinctures and the like. 
And, yes, we know this isn’t always what people want to hear; preferring a “magic solution” which gives them all the benefits without having to do anything themselves. Interestingly, we’ve noticed that the people who usually favour this approach are the ones making all the “wrong” lifestyle choices, not realising the answer is in their hands. An irony which seems to escape them… 
However, this year, we’d like to do things a little differently. 
Yes, we’re going to start with our usual reminder about getting the little things right every day. In other words, all the simple things we talk about regularly in this blog. Diet. Hydration. Regular exercise. Good quality sleep. Taking time out for rest and relaxation. Perhaps a good quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement to support your overall health. 
Then, if you want to, adding specific supplements and tinctures to help provide a little extra support for your Immune System over the winter months. Old favourites such as Vitamins C and D, together with Zinc. Perhaps Echinacea, Sambucus or Astragalus tinctures. For a quick reminder click here
However, there are a couple of other things we’d like to remind you about this year; particularly with the – sadly, all too predictable – increasingly hysterical reporting in the mainstream media. 
The first is very simple. It’s about susceptibility and the Bogeyman. Despite the picture being portrayed in the mainstream media – which is guaranteed to kick start all our survival instincts – there is NO Bogeyman out there waiting to pounce on us unawares. And, we’d suggest you read that last bit again, to really let it sink in. There is NO Bogeyman. Full stop. End of story. 
It isn’t simply down to luck – or, more accurately, bad luck – whether the Bogeyman gets you. Instead, it’s down to your own, individual, susceptibility. In other words, whether – for a whole host of different reasons – you’re susceptible to whatever it may be on THAT particular day at THAT particular time. And, here’s the important bit. Our individual level of susceptibility changes constantly during the day, perhaps not much, but enough to make it a moving target. 
Then, just to make it even harder to predict, even if you are susceptible on that particular occasion, there is still NO guarantee you will go on to develop whatever it may be OR what the exact symptoms will be OR how severe they may be. Once again, there are a huge number of individual variables – if’s and but’s – which are virtually impossible to quantify beforehand. 
This is the reason why we place so much importance on the little things you do every day, because it’s these which determine your susceptibility, not random luck. Which, in turn, means that addressing your own particular own diet and lifestyle issues are your best defence against anything that may be doing the rounds. 
And, if you stop to think about it for a few minutes, this makes complete sense. After all, who hasn’t been somewhere where someone has a stonking Cold or something similar. Does it automatically mean that everyone else is going to get it? NO. Or, in exactly the same way? NO. Which means there is NO Bogeyman lurking out there waiting for their chance to pounce on the unawares. Instead, there’s something much more subtle – and individual – going on. Again, if you need a quick reminder click here, here and here
As an aside – and just to add another layer of complexity (!) – don’t forget just how intelligent our bodies and Immune System are. How our innate natural immunity is constantly evolving and how many different layers of defences we do have. For a quick refresher click here
The second follows on from this and is all about our natural fear of the unknown. And, again, we’ve seen this in action in the last 18 months or so. Fear triggers our survival instincts which, in the short term, is a very sensible emergency survival strategy. However, longer term, it’s a recipe for disaster. Very expensive in energy terms, not to mention incredibly stressful to maintain. 
The good news is there’s a very simple solution. Unfortunately, there’s bad news as well, which usually stops us in our tracks. We need to look the unknown in the face which is, potentially, the scariest thing of all. 
However, once we do, we quickly find that it’s nowhere near as scary as we expected. And, the longer we look, the smaller and more manageable it seems to get. From there, it’s easy to go into research mode. Find out more about it, whether it really is a risk to us and, if so, exactly what that risk is. This is the reason we talk so much about the importance of doing a little research for ourselves about anything which worries us. Not simply relying on one source, but having a look at several. Getting a more rounded picture which, in the process, puts us back in the driving seat. Again, for a quick reminder, click here and here
So, that’s the end of our slightly different pre Winter advice for this year. Think of it as a two pronged approach. Doing the simple things every day to help every aspect of your health, not just for this Winter. And at the same time, being aware of your own individual susceptibility. In other words, what the actual risk is for you, then taking any additional steps necessary to address it. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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