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Posts from June 2022

Just in case you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about the number of blog posts we’ve made over the last eight – yes, eight – years. Time really does rush by! 
So, with our 400th post, we wanted to highlight some of the mindset topics that come up again and again with Clients. In other words, giving them a new perspective on what may be going on between their ears (!) and, just as importantly, how the Little Monster in their head can all too easily undermine their best efforts. They’re also the blog posts that still seem to catch people’s attention, even years after they were written. 
Mention fibre and most people immediately think of those less than appetising, cardboard like, breakfast cereals. You know the ones we mean. As one friend slightly cynically put it, the box probably tastes better – and has more nutritional content – than the cereal inside (!). Moving swiftly on… 
Thankfully, there are much simpler and infinitely more appetising ways to add fibre do your diet. It’s something we talk about all the time in this blog – not to mention with Clients – and we trust, by now, everyone knows what it is. Eating a wholefood diet high in plant based foods. In other words, fruit, vegetables and salad in their natural, unprocessed state. Not the ever increasing number of processed versions which, however much you try to convince yourself, are never good alternatives to the real thing. And here’s the important bit, as the mainstay of every meal – and snack, if you succumb (!) – not just your main meal. 
While we may not always realise it – or, if we do, like to admit it (!) – much of our lives are driven by hidden agendas. Both ours and other people’s (!). Or, put another way, by “What’s in it for me?!?”. 
Some of them are very obvious and, dare we say it, calculating in some way or other. 
The rationale behind them is quite simple. If I do x, then the other person will do y. Or, perhaps, I’ll get y. 
Sometimes it’s exactly the opposite. Trying to make sure that someone doesn’t do y. Or we don’t get y. 
Either way, the desired outcome is achieved, whether the other person is aware of it or not. 
Over the last couple of years, the number of people diagnosed with Anxiety and / or Panic Attacks has rocketed. With it has come a huge increase in the prescription of conventional mediations, particularly while access to Psychotherapy, Counselling, CBT and other talking therapies was drastically curtailed. 
At the same time, there’s also been a noticeable increase in the number of people suffering Heart Attacks. Although, having said that, it’s thought these figures are likely to be on the low side as many people simply don’t realise what’s happening. Or confuse it for something else, most commonly indigestion or a Panic Attack. 
With another, longer than usual, bank holiday weekend rapidly approaching – hurrah (!) – it’s all too easy to go into manic mode. Trying to cram far too much into the time available, which only guarantees you’ll feel completed knackered by the end of it. Not to mention stressed… 
So, here’s a radical idea. Why not use at least one day over the bank holiday weekend to have a proper day off? 
And we don’t mean spending the day at home, slouched on the sofa in front of the TV. Snacking on your favourite treats and dressed in a random assortment of clothes. That’s if you get dressed at all (!). 
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