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Posts from February 2024

We’ve mentioned – once or twice (!) – how much more control we have over our lives than we realise. While we may not be able to control everything that happens, we do control how we perceive and then respond to it. 
Or, as Sadhguru, the Indian Mystic more eloquently expressed it: 
“What happens in your life is not 100% in your control, but what you make out of it is 100% in your control.” 
It may seem rather strange to be talking about Winter Blues in mid February, just when the days are definitely starting to draw out. However, with yet more rain and flooding at the weekend – will it ever stop raining?!? – it’s not surprising that many people have had more than enough of this very cold, wet and dark Winter… 
Also known as “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, Winter Blues are estimated to affect around 20% of adults each Winter. While it may sound like something of a joke to those not affected – particularly as it tends to be referred to by its initials, “SAD” – its affects are very real and can be debilitating for those concerned. 
Yes, we know it’s Valentine’s Day and you may have expected us to be writing about the word of the day. Love. And not, we hasten to add, the sentimental “pink” version that’s been appearing everywhere for the last few days (!). Accompanied by all those less than realistic expectations that seem to appear in its wake, with all too predictable results. Think Christmas in February… 
However, with it also having more baggage than a Samonsite store – to borrow a description we heard recently, although in that case it was about another equally baggage laden word that we’re not even going to mention (!) – we decided, instead, it was time for a gentle reality check. Both for this expectation laden day in particular and life in general. 
To those with a more natural approach to health, it’s obvious how important both the diet and Digestive System are to good health. While what we eat usually gets most of our attention, what then happens to it is equally important. 
And, as a quick aside, by “eat” we mean everything that enters our Mouths and then ends up in our Stomachs, not just food or drinks. For some reason, people tend to forget all the other things that pass their lips every day. Sweets and chewing gum. Any medications or supplements taken. Traces of toothpaste or mouth wash. Nicotine from cigarettes or e cigs, absorbed into saliva and then swallowed. While they may all be in relatively small amounts, so far as our Digestive System is concerned, they all count and can have an impact, particularly over the longer term… 
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