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Posts from June 2024

It’s usually only with the power of hindsight that we realise how much we’ve been helped along our chosen path – and, often, in ways we could never have expected or anticipated. Some people or events were very obvious; others only apparent much further down the road or when pointed out by someone else. 
And, while it’s easier to see those people or events who positively helped us, what about those who did not? 
Or, more accurately, seemed not to at the time. 
It’s easy to forget that EVERY aspect of our lives these days is affected by the latest fashions, not just the clothes we wear. And, while we may not want to admit it, it’s often driven more by financial considerations – profits – than anything else… 
One aspect of this, that’s become increasingly obvious over the last few years, can be seen at your local supermarket or convenience shop. The huge increase in ready meals and processed foods badged as being “plant based”, “Vegetarian” or “Vegan.” 
As we’re still getting back into the swing of things after a lovely holiday in the sun, we’re going to keep this week’s blog post short and sweet. And, however tempting it is, not wax lyrical about the sunshine, blue skies and lack of wet stuff (!).  
Moving swiftly on… 
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