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July is here, the summer holidays are on us and the papers are full of the latest wonder diets. Whether it’s the 5:2, 4:3, Paleo, Honey or Reboot diet – to name but a few – every year brings yet more weight loss programmes to choose from. And each one comes complete with its own success stories, celebrity followers and endorsements. 
Have you ever stopped to wonder why one diet can work like a dream, while another turns into a complete nightmare? 
Let’s talk about something we completely take for granted. That is until we have a problem. The magnificent creation that is the human body. And we’re not talking about the super fit or beautiful. Your body. All 100,000 billion cells of her (or him, with apologies to male readers!). 
Take a straw poll of your friends and family and we guarantee that most of them will say the same thing. They never gave any thought to their body until they had a problem. Or decided she needed changing in some way. Whether it be cancer, excess weight or acne; the reaction is usually the same. And it goes along these lines: “why did this happen, I had no idea anything was wrong.” 
It’s something we’ve been meaning to do for ages and here it finally is!  
There will be a weekly post, usually on a Wednesday, so if you have any suggestions for a topic please let us know. 
It seems like everyone has a blog these days – some good, others not so good – so how is ours going to be different you may ask? Well by offering you a different perspective on everything health related, as well as life in general. 
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