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Earlier this month we talked about the delights of foraging and encouraged you to make the most of the glorious autumn weather to go out in search of blackberries and elderberries. Not only is it great fun but incredibly satisfying too! 
So let’s now talk about two other autumn goodies which are in plentiful supply this year. The first is one you’ve probably noticed – they really glow in the sunlight at this time of year – but never thought about using, Rose hips. Surprised? Many people are, thinking of them only for decoration. 
The schools are back and, as so often is the case, we’re now being treated to a glorious Indian summer. Although having said that here in Suffolk we’ve had a great summer – almost too hot at times for the true Brit!!! 
To us, one of the pleasures of autumn is going foraging for all the edible goodies that can be found in the hedgerows at this time of year. Not only are they organic, but come with zero food miles and exercise built in. 
Cholesterol – and statins – are subjects we discuss regularly with clients and have written about before in this blog. “Cholesterol – are statins a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” posted in September 2014 can be found in the blog archives to the right of this post. 
Despite the huge amount of coverage this topic has had in the mainstream press, fundamental misunderstandings remain about both cholesterol and the effectiveness of statins. So, once again, let’s have another look at this subject and shatter some of the most common myths. 
To many people the appearance of bright yellow fields – fields of flowering rape – marks the start of Spring. To us – and its many sufferers – it marks something slightly different. The start of the Hayfever season (!). 
Hayfever, variously known as a “Seasonal Allergy” or a “Summer Cold”, is only one trigger for what medics call “Allergic Rhinitis”. Other triggers include dust, moulds and animal hair. 
Characterised by nasal congestion and a runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and nose; Hayfever may also cause shortness of breath and other asthma like symptoms. The conventional approach relies on antihistamines and steroids which are well known for causing drowsiness, together with a range of other unwanted side effects. 
Supplements are big business these days. It’s estimated that here in the UK £750 million is spent on them each year. And the market is growing each year. 
However from conversations with clients it’s clear there’s still a huge amount of confusion about them. It’s a subject we’ve touched on before in this blog but one well worth revisiting. So here we go. 
One of the most common questions we're asked by clients is whether it's worth taking a multi vitamin and mineral supplement. This is usually accompanied by an assurance that they're eating a healthy diet, although it's amazing how often this differs from our idea of a healthy diet (!). But let's leave that one for another day… 
The widespread view – and one usually portrayed in the media – is that supplements are unnecessary. And, even worse, a waste of money. While we'd agree with the later in many instances – although not for the reasons you may think – these days even the healthiest of diets is unlikely to give all the nutrients needed for full health. 
As traditional as the Christmas festivities, breaking of new year’s resolutions (!) and January blues; is the upswing in coughs and colds as soon as everyone gets back to their normal routine. 
Every January, around this time, we hear people making the same comments over and over again. About all the bugs doing the rounds. How generous people are in passing them on. And how bugs are “lurking out there” – wherever “there” is – just waiting to get them. 
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