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With the recent bout of warm weather, we were very tempted to write about one of our pet subjects this week. And there are no prizes for guessing what it is. Water and the importance of keeping properly hydrated all year round (!). Not just when the weather is hot, although it’s much easier to take the hint at this time of year… 
To us it’s very obvious but, from the calls we get from Clients, it seems the message still isn’t getting through. If you need a quick reminder about the importance of water, as well as the signs you may be dehydrated, click here
Following on from this is a very common sign of dehydration which also features regularly in calls from Clients at this time of year. Cramp, particularly those excruciating leg cramps which always seem to come on in the middle of the night. Again, if you need a quick reminder, click here
Which neatly brings us on to what we’d like to talk about today. True, it’s another of our pet subjects but, as always, there is method in our madness. Yes, really! 
It’s simply about eating with the seasons. 
In other words, enjoying whatever foods are in season here in the UK – or where ever you live – right now. And here are the important words again. In season HERE right now. While it’s easy to forget, there are very good reasons why every food is at its best at a certain time of year. Quite simply, it provides exactly what our bodies need at that point in time. 
Just think about all the lovely fresh fruit and veg coming into their best at this time of year, the early summer. All things salad, asparagus, strawberries, summer raspberries and the like. 
So, what do they all have in common? 
Well, to start with they all have a high water content, which is exactly what we need in the warmer weather. And brings us straight back to dehydration (!). Added to this, many of them have good levels of magnesium, potassium and other electrolytes; which are all lost in sweat, so they help to replenish our levels. Finally, they’re light and easy to digest, which is just what our bodies need in the warmer weather. 
We’ve talked about the many benefits of eating with the seasons before. From avoiding the impact of the dreaded food miles – both here and to the producers of the food – to the disappointment of eating foods out of season. 
However, there’s a much more fundamental reason for doing so. It makes life so much simpler, as well as supporting local producers. And you’d be surprised just how many there are in your local area when you start looking. From people selling off their excess produce at their garden gates – you’ll quickly get to know who they are (!) – to small local producers. 
Even better, there are so many things you can grow for yourself at home. It doesn’t require much room, is easy to do and incredibly satisfying - not to mention tasty - regardless of what the end result looks like! There are lots of easy – and quick – things you can start with outside your back door or on the kitchen windowsill. Mixed salad leaves, radishes, spring onions or even herbs, like parsley, mint or basil. All you need is a pot – or two (!) – a little compost and some seeds. And, if this all sounds too daunting, you’ll find many of these in plugs at your local garden centre or herbs in your supermarket. 
One of the unanticipated benefits of the madness over the last year is how many people have discovered – or rediscovered (!) – the joys of growing some of their own produce. Or buying locally. If you haven’t done so already, why not join them? 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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