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This week, we’re going to give you a little thought to carry around with you. To mull over from time to time, particularly if you’re having one of those days. Or, as we seem to have been hearing from Clients recently, one of those weeks / months / years (!). 
Wherever you are right now, however “good” or “bad” it may seem, it isn’t the end of the story. Nothing is ever set in stone UNLESS you decide it is… 
At any moment, you can decide to see whatever it is in the most positive light possible. And, yes, we know this can be all very well in theory but not always in practice. However, there is ALWAYS a positive in every situation – however dark or negative it may seem to be – IF you look for it. 
Then, having shifted your focus to a more positive one, you can decide on something much more radical. To make a break from whatever it is and go in a completely different direction. End one chapter in your life and start a brand new one. Set your sights on a new horizon. 
Remember, ANYTHING is possible, it’s up to you to decide. Yes, you. All that’s needed is a simple thought to start the ball rolling. It really is that simple! 
Now, we can hear what you’re thinking – or, more accurately, what the Little Monster in your head is thinking (!) – about these simple truths. All – or the vast majority of it – negative and unhelpful. But, however much they may try to convince you, there’s only one person with the power to decide. You. Unless, that is, you allow the Little Monster to decide for you. With, sadly, all too predictable results… 
So, today, why not let your imagination go in an entirely different direction? 
Daydream about what would really make you happy. And we’re not talking about all those “things” the media try to persuade us we need for a perfect life. Yes, there may be some material things you would like, but what about relationships, lifestyle, time to do all the things you enjoy and make life worth living? 
Start with how you’d like anything already in progress to turn out. Then open up your horizons to think about what would truly make you happy. Where you would like to go. What you would like to do. As soon as you’re clear on the destination, everything changes and a new chapter begins. 
There really are no limits to what you can do EXCEPT those you choose to believe. And you know where those come from. The Little Monster in your head. 
As one person so beautifully put it: 
"You're always only one decision away from a totally different life.” 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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