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Well, here we all are again, going a little further down the rabbit hole to take a look at what’s been going on in our heads for all those years. Without us ever having been aware of it. 
While we may like to think we’re in control of our thoughts, sadly, this is a long way from the truth. The only comfort is that we’re all in the same boat. Have all fallen for the same little trick aided, in large part, by the Little Monster in our heads. 
And if this sounds like bad news, IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT. After all, how on earth can we do anything about it, if no one realises what’s going on? 
All going well, over the last couple of weeks, you’ve started to notice what’s going on in your head. Become aware of both the EFFECT of your thoughts, words and deeds – apologies, we still haven’t been able to come up with a less biblical sounding trio (!) – but, more importantly, the CAUSE. The belief – or assumption – underlying them, which sets the ball in motion. 
Often, it’s easier to practice this new skill on those around you. Your “nearest and dearest”. After all, a little distance does give a clearer perspective. You may also find that you suddenly start to understand what makes them tick much better. Why they behave and react as they do. However, sooner or later, you’ll have to turn your attention inside. To yourself…. 
So, here’s a great little trick to help you uncover your own particular set of beliefs and assumptions. Simply take any present – or past – situation in your life. Start with something small, without too much emotion attached. Then ask yourself a simple question: 
What would a person have to believe – or assume – to create this situation? 
And, as a quick aside, if you need an added incentive to take a look, here’s a quick little reminder about why assumptions can unwittingly cause us so many problems. Just look at the spelling of assume, it’s all there if you look for it. ASS U ME. Assumptions make as ASS out of U and ME (!). 
Anyway, before we digress too far, let’s go back to the example we used last time. If you need a quick reminder, click here. It was the belief that Shop Assistants were unhelpful. 
Sometimes, there’s one very obvious clear cut belief underlying it. 
Say, that nothing is simple or easy to do. 
Sometimes, there are several, so a little digging may be needed to uncover them. 
Here are a few that could be playing a part, such as: 
Life is always hard. A struggle. 
If it’s easy, there’s something wrong. 
People are always unhelpful to me. 
I don’t deserve to be helped. 
And, many other possibilities besides. We’re sure you get the idea. 
Then, having uncovered the belief – or beliefs (!) – playing a part in that particular situation, it’s simply a case of putting them each under the spotlight. One at a time. 
Does this particular belief – that ………………………….. (fill in the blank) – help me? 
Does it hurt me? 
Does it make me feel good? 
While this may seem a little ponderous, there’s a very good reason for asking these questions. It’s to give you a little distance from the belief. Really put it in the spotlight. Look at it consciously, probably for the first time. 
And, as you do so, it lets you see it clearly. Really notice that it doesn’t help or serve you. 
Then something magical happens. Suddenly, it becomes easy to let go of that belief. To replace it with a new one that does help you. Truly reflects who you are right now. Makes life flow more easily. Dare we say it, makes you happy. 
And this is the really important bit with any new belief. IT MUST BE POSITIVE, as this is what you want to focus on in the future. To be your new experience. Your new reality. 
So, NOT, that Shop Assistant’s aren’t unhelpful to me. 
Because you’re still focussing on what you don’t want. That Shop Assistants aren’t unhelpful. 
Sadly, two negatives will never make a positive (!). 
Instead, your new belief is what you do want. That Shop Assistants are always helpful to me. 
While it may sound like two sides of the same coin, these statements are VERY different. The first is negative. Powered by negative energy. Focussing on what you don’t want. The second is positive. Fuelled by positive energy. What you do want to happen. 
Then, repeat your new – positive (!) – belief a few times out loud to yourself. Write it down, if you prefer for added emphasis. Let it sink in. Smile as you say – or write – it. Feel how different – and good – it feels. 
And that’s all there is to it. 
Often, simply bringing a belief out into the light of day – shining the spotlight on it – is enough for it to dissolve. And, then, it’s gone forever. 
Sometimes, for more emotionally charged beliefs – or those we’ve hung on to for a long time – this process may need to be repeated several times, each time they make a reappearance. While this may sound a little tedious – a bit too much like hard work (!) – the good news is that the belief becomes weaker each time. Doesn’t feel so “right.” And, so in the process, becomes easier to let go. Then, one day, often without you even realising it; it’s gone. Forever. 
And that, as they say, is all there is to it. 
If you’d like a quick recap, here it is: 
FIRST, highlight the belief(s) – or assumption(s) – underlying whatever it is by asking: 
What would a person have to believe – or assume – to create this situation? 
SECOND, create a little distance, so you can really put it under the spotlight: 
Does this particular belief – that ………………………….. (fill in the blank) – help me? 
Does it hurt me? 
Does it make me feel good? 
THIRD, notice it doesn’t help or serve you. Make a conscious decision to let it go. 
And, FINALLY, replace it with a positive belief or assumption. What you really would like. 
Then, simply, rinse and repeat as necessary. 
It really is as easy as that! 
So, how can you use this new tool? 
Well, there are two ways you can do so. 
The first is simply to start noticing what’s happening in your life as you go about your day. Then, as you notice the beliefs – or assumptions – underlying them, put them under the spotlight there and then. 
While this may sound like a lot of work, in reality, it isn’t. Asking these questions – and installing a new shiny belief – only takes a couple of minutes. Alternatively, if there just isn’t the time / you’re not in the right frame of mind / something else (!) you can jot them down – or make a mental note – to look at them later. 
The second is to find yourself a nice quiet spot, where you won’t be disturbed and spend some time listening to what’s going on in your head. It won’t take long for your beliefs / assumptions to start appearing and you can then look at them one at a time. 
While this approach can sound a little daunting at first, it’s amazing the amount of “stuff” it uncovers – and allows to be cleared – in a relatively short time. Just keep going until the flood dries up or you’ve had enough for that particular session / day (!). Having used this approach ourselves, as well as knowing many others who have – clients as well as friends – we’ve been astounded at just how much “stuff” comes up and how quickly it can be cleared. 
As with any technique, obviously, you have to use it for it to work. Yes, we know it’s stating the blindingly obvious (!), but you’d be surprised how often we’ve heard people say it doesn’t work, without having actually made a serious attempt to use it. Going through the motions just won’t work. 
Finally, this isn’t a “once and for all” technique. Like any virus scanner, it needs to be used regularly for best results. However, once the initial clearing has been done, it’s easy to spot any beliefs / assumptions that don’t help you. They feel “bad” / “wrong” / “uncomfortable” / something else. And, trust us, as you start to feel happier and more in control of your life they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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