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It’s all too easy to spend our lives dashing around from one thing to another, permanently distracted, with our heads full of “stuff”. Hardly noticing what’s going on around us. Let alone how we’re feeling. 
So, today, why not slow down and take a moment to notice all the good things going on in your life, as well as around you? Savour life’s little treasures. All the things that help ease our lives along but are easy to miss. 
To help get you going, here are a few things we’ve noticed over the last couple of days: 
Beautiful sunrises – and sunsets too. 
A robin – or blackbird – singing at the top of its voice from a neighbour’s roof top. 
A very enthusiastic “good morning” from our four legged friends. 
The sun catching berries in the hedgerow making them glow and shine bright red. 
The smell of winter in the air. 
A song we hadn’t heard for years. 
Unexpected calls and texts from friends. 
A lovely “thinking of you” card from someone we hadn’t heard from for ages. 
A great joke. Well, many. It’s amazing where – and who (!) – they come from. 
The kind person letting us in at a junction. 
A parking space appearing in just the right place as if by magic. 
A smile from a stranger as we passed in the street. 
A very helpful person at a call centre when we needed to talk to a human (!). 
Our favourite treat at the supermarket, even better it’s on offer. 
A kind person giving us their money off voucher that wouldn’t otherwise be used. 
And many other little treasures besides… 
Once you start tuning in and appreciating life’s little treasures – perhaps even saying a silent “thank you” each time one appears – you’ll find that something magical starts to happen. Not only do you suddenly realise how many good things there are already in your life, that you’d never noticed, but even more start to appear. 
Interestingly, when we suggest this approach to Clients, the response is often that it’s easy for us. Life flows easily for us, whereas they have all sorts of stresses and strains going on. They couldn’t possibly do this and, even if they did, it wouldn’t make any difference. 
Sadly, this “poor me” answer misses one very important fact. One of the reasons why our lives flow more easily than theirs is precisely because we take the time to notice and appreciate the small things. These quickly build up into something much bigger, which helps to smooth our path and speed us on our way. Even better, it helps gets us through one of “those” days / weeks / months (!), that we all have from time to time. As with many simple tips, it’s easy to overlook, but makes a huge difference IF you do it. 
And, before we go for today, if you wondered where the inspiration for this post came from, you may be surprised. It’s a song we hadn’t heard for years by the great Louis Armstrong and guaranteed to make you smile. It really is a wonderful world
As always, the choice is yours. 
Photograph by unknown author 
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