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There are so many things we take for granted – as being true – that we never stop to give them a second thought. Whether they really are true or, at least, true for us – let alone anyone else… 
Some are so fundamental that we probably haven’t thought about them since we were at school. The Sun will rise each morning and set each evening. Stars shine in the night sky. Earth turn and gravity stop us from “falling off” and spinning out into space (!). 
Others are much more part of “accepted wisdom”, across a group of people, whether large or small. Those connected to a particular country, religion or the like. 
Then there are those which are truly personal, in other words, only true for us personally. How we see ourselves and our particular skills, traits and aptitudes.  
Perhaps one of those off the cuff comments by someone else we took as being “true”, whether they really are or not – or just reflect the other person’s own beliefs and prejudices.  
A label or other diagnosis other people put on us, often as a child, that don’t reflect who we are but has, somehow, wormed its way in to our consciousness.  
An assumption we’ve made about life being difficult, us not being able to get the job – or partner – of our dreams, the government or others in charge and much more besides. 
So, rather than automatically accepting everything as “true” – whether just for us or more widely – isn’t it time to question them from time to time?  
As you start to notice them, you may be surprised to find what’s been hiding in plain sight, and doing you no favours at all. 
Then, it’s simply a case of dusting off your imagination and imagining what you would like to be true. What you would prefer to take for granted.  
After all, imagination is where the magic begins… 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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