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With the last few blog posts having been much longer than usual, we thought we’d keep it short and sweet this week. 
For some reason – and we have several theories as to why this is – most people seem to be experts at focussing on all the things they don’t want. Or fear happening. Or both. And can tell you all about them in gruesome detail. 
But ask them what they actually do want and the response you’re most likely to get is a stunned silence. As though you’ve asked them the last question on earth they’d ever expect and have no hope in answering. 
The ironic thing is that once you know what you don’t want, then it’s really easy to say what you do want. Just go for the exact opposite.  
Bingo! You’ve done it. 
If you don’t want to be unhappy; then what you do want is to be happy. 
If you don’t want to be poor / alone / ill; then what you do want is to be abundant / surrounded by friends / healthy. 
Do you now see how easy it really is? 
And how unnecessarily complicated we’ve made it? 
So, today, here’s a little challenge for you. 
Every time you hear yourself saying – or thinking – about something you don’t want, turn things around 180 degrees to what you do want. And then only talk – and think – about that. 
Not only will you feel much better by focusing on something positive, but it gets your creative juices flowing. Or, put another way, it’s like letting the genie out of the bottle to do his magic. 
So now it’s over to you. 
“I want / desire ……………………………………………………… (fill in the blank). And then only talk – or think – about that. It really is that easy. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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