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We all have things that push our buttons – or get our goat, if you were wondering why on earth we chose this week’s picture (!). And there’s a lovely word to describe them which we only came across recently, tolerations. They drain our energy and are guaranteed to ruin our day. Or sometimes our week… 
Some are very small in the overall scheme of things. The bill that needs paying. Vase of flowers that have seen better days. Phone call to be made. Light bulb changed. Those good intentions that we mean to do but don’t quite get round to and annoy us until we do. 
Others are much bigger. The annoying neighbour. Overfilled diary. Upcoming family event (!). Money worries. An annoying friend / family member / boss / fill in the blank. We all have things that come into this category – and tolerate – as we just don’t know how to deal with them. 
So what can you do about them? 
Well, often just realising exactly what you’ve been tolerating is enough to get you to do something about them. But, if you need an added push in the right direction, quickly jot them down on a piece of paper as there’s nothing to beat the satisfaction of crossing things off a list as you do them. 
You’ll quickly notice that many of the things on your life are small and can be easily dealt with. So you’ll cross several things off your list without even trying, which is guaranteed to improve your motivation to tackle the others! 
You may also notice that many are linked and so sorting one out, knocks out several others. Perhaps it’s saying “no” to that family occasion that’s pushing several different buttons. And, with it just having been “that time of year” we probably don’t need to say anything else about that one! 
And, if you’re struggling for inspiration as to what to do, here are some ideas: 
Delete it. Or cross it out, if you prefer. In other words, decide that whatever it is doesn’t have to be done at all. Just because everyone else is doing it – or has said that you should be (!) – it doesn’t mean that you have to! 
Delegate it. Just because it’s on your list doesn’t mean that you have to do it. There may be someone else who would be better placed to do it, although they may not think so! And there are plenty of examples of this one too at “this time of year” (!). 
Just do it! Get it over once and for all. Huurrah!!! While whatever it is may not be top of your list of favourite things to do, we can guarantee that you’ll feel better for doing it. 
Dance with it. Look for the positives in whatever it is and the benefits you’ll get from doing it. The ways you can make it more enjoyable or, at least, less painful. And, yes, we know this can be a tall order at times! Perhaps, break it into manageable chunks to make it less overfacing. Focus on how good it’ll feel to have done it. 
Sometimes it’s easiest to start with the small tolerations and then build up slowly to the “bigger” ones. Or you could just dive straight in and go for the one that’s really “getting your goat”. Not only will this give you a huge boost but see you going through the rest of your list in double quick time! Often knocking down one of the main tolerations will bring down several others, making the job even easier. 
Whichever approach you go for, there’s nothing as satisfying as clearing all those niggles out of your life. It may not be an overnight process but will quickly free up your time and energy to do the things you really enjoy. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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