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It’s amazing how many conversations have followed in the wake of our recent blog post about the modern day addiction to being “busy, busy, busy”. Hearing that people have actually read the post is great but, even better, it seems to have got you thinking too! 
Interestingly, many of these conversations have led on to a discussion about a related addiction; that of expecting a quick fix to everything that arises in our lives. Oh, and it must be easy, and cheap too. 
Whether it be food, communications, getting from A to B or health improvements; the expectation is the same. We want a QUICK FIX NOW!!! Just look at the adverts in a newspaper or on the television, and you’ll find this is the box they’re all trying to tick. 
If you take a step back from all this madness for a moment, does quick really mean a fix? 
Like us, I’m sure you can think of occasions when you opted for a quick fix, only to find it cost you more in the long term. We’re not only thinking of time and money; but things such as your quality of life and happiness too. 
Take food for example, say opting for take aways or ready meals over a home cooked meal. True, you could easily grab a takeaway or ready meal, saving yourself time and hassle when you got home. But would it be as good – or pleasurable – as a home cooked meal? And that’s before you consider the health and nutritional issues linked to them (!)… 
Yes, we know what you’re thinking. It takes time to cook a meal and you just don’t have that luxury. 
Well, yes, it can be time consuming if many of the cookery programmes on TV are to be believed. But it doesn’t have to be. Stir fries are quick and nutritious. A slow cooker leaves you free to do other things while your meal cooks – or can be put on in the morning and left to simmer away while you’re out or at work. Many dishes can be baked in the oven. With only a little planning – and ingenuity – you can have home cooked meals with a minimum of time and fuss. 
It seems ironic that as more and more cookery programmes take over TV schedules, fewer people seem to actually cook at home. Even more so that many people eat a ready meal or take away while watching them! 
If you’re still in any doubts, we came across some fascinating research a few years ago, which tested the nutritional content of the same food prepared in different ways. At home. In a factory as a ready meal. At a fast food outlet. There are no prizes for guessing which one came out best… 
Health is another example. This is a subject we talk to patients about regularly, so we’ll keep it short! So often the focus is only on the end result, with little regard being given to how they may be harming themselves in the process of achieving it. 
While it’s possible to achieve results quickly; these tend to be short term – at best – and often come at a high price longer term. 
That new low calorie diet may result in substantial weight loss in a few weeks, but what about the consequences of a low calorie diet long term? Or, even worse, yo yo-ing weight; as weight is lost on the diet and then put back on again shortly afterwards. 
Taking painkillers for back pain on an ongoing basis may keep you moving in the short term, but what about the damage you’re doing to your body long term? Here it’s not only about the painkillers, but also the additional damage being done to your back as you try to keep going as usual. 
While it’s often a bitter pill to swallow, every decision you make has a long term consequence – good or bad – that is yours to deal with… 
Instead of looking for quick fixes, why not focus on the underlying cause/s? Only by addressing these can you achieve the long term result you want – and help prevent other problems from arising in the process. 
We know that taking a long hard look at yourself, and your life, can be uncomfortable; as some hard truths are faced. It’s much easier to keep on doing what you’ve always done, relying on the latest quick fix to keep any problems at bay. 
Sadly, we can guarantee that this strategy will only lead to more problems longer term. If you’re in any doubt, just look at the rising levels of illness and incapacity in the western world. 
Surely it’s better to do a little extra work now – and feel the benefits for the rest of your life. 
Alternatively, you could carry on in the same way as you always have – but pay the price for the rest of your life… 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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