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With the relentless pace of modern life, it’s easy to lose track of ourselves. To be so focussed on the physical world “out there”, we forget who we really are “in here.” 
So, this week, a little reminder we’re so much more than what’s “out there.”  
Than our: 
Physical appearance and body. 
Job title, income and all things work related that go along with it. 
Family, friends and other connections. 
Car – or other method of transport (!). 
Home and other trappings. 
Image, status or success – or perceived lack of… 
As someone so beautifully described it, it’s all just window dressing. It’s not who we really are inside. 
Inside we’re all unique and valuable beyond measure. 
We all matter, regardless of who we are or what we’ve achieved so far in our lives. 
We are all beautiful, talented and strong in our own individual way. Yes, really! 
However it may seem, the world needs each and every one of us. Our unique voice, contributions, talents and gifts. 
It doesn’t matter what form they take or whether they’re perceived as “valuable” in monetary terms. 
All that does matter is they’re needed by and help somebody – or many people – at this point in time. Never forgetting that what’s seen as “valuable” changes with time and society itself. 
If you’re not sure what your particular contributions, talents or gifts are, don’t worry. Nor do most of us. Just be willing for them to appear and they will, we promise. 
So, today – and every day – remember that it’s never about the window dressing, however attractive it may be. It’s about what’s found behind and beneath it. You really do matter. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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