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Acupuncture has been practised in China and other Far Eastern countries for thousands of years. It uses needles to help stimulate and rebalance the body's natural energy, known as "Chi" or "Qi". Put another way, Acupuncture is rather like clearing obstructions from a river, so the water can flow more strongly and evenly to where it's needed. 

Painless practice 

Sometimes people are worried that Acupuncture is going to be like having an injection; but this isn’t the case at all. The needles are much finer than those used by Doctors – about the thickness of a hair – and don't go in nearly so deep. Most people don't feel a thing, others just feel a tiny prick as the needle goes in and that's it. If you’re at all concerned, David can put a needle in your hand first so you can see what happens – and that it doesn’t hurt! 

Fully qualified Acupuncturist 

David is a fully qualified Acupuncturist who trained for 4 years at The College of Oriental Medicine. He also holds qualifications in Manipulative Therapy and FDM, which can be used alongside Acupuncture to address musculo skeletal and soft tissue problems. 
Acupuncture may be used on its own or in conjunction with other therapies. 
If you’re wondering what it’s like coming to see us, here’s what some of our clients have said: 
“It’s always a pleasure to see Elaine or David and be given sound sensible advice. All the treatments, including Acupuncture and Homeopathy, have been most helpful to both of us. A welcome change from mainstream medication!” SW. 
"Elaine and David of Smart Holistics have helped me enormously. They are extremely caring, knowledgeable and professional. With their shared expertise they are able to respond to health issues with speed and effectiveness. I am very grateful for their help." RS. 
To make an appointment – or find out more – please call, text or e mail us. 
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