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And, if you’ve never heard of Eckhart Tolle, he wrote the hugely successful book, “The power of Now”. Ah, now it makes sense (!) 
It’s been a while since we’ve devoted a whole post to some of the tricks the Little Monster in our heads uses to keep us stuck in the past. Doing the same things over and over again, with all too predictable results. Not only in terms of the outcome itself but, more importantly, preventing us making changes in our lives. 
There are some things which never seem to change. The schools go back and, right on cue, Summer finally arrives. Or, at least, an Indian Summer. Which, after the very traditional English Summer we’ve “enjoyed” this year, seems even more poignant than usual. Then, quick on their heels, come a spate of calls and emails from Clients looking ahead to the colder months of the year. 
Each year, our advice is basically the same. To focus on the small things you do every day; the majority of which, dare we say, are down to good old fashioned common sense. These help support both your long term health AND that over the coming Winter. Then, having got the basics right, add any necessary top ups. Supplements, tinctures and the like. 
From time to time we all have “one of those days” – or possibly weeks (!) – where nothing quite goes to plan. Or we can’t even seem to do even the simplest thing. And, for some inexplicable reason, it’s usually something we’ve done 100’s or 1000’s of times before without a second thought. Then, out of the blue, we just don’t seem able to do it. The good news is that we will tomorrow – or the next day (!) – when normal service resumes…. 
So, if this is you – or someone you know – then, please, just stop for a minute. 
We all have things happening in our lives that seem to hit a tender spot. Pulling us down, being incredibly frustrating or draining the energy from us. Or, if we’re really unfortunate, all three (!). And, with the ongoing madness, there are so many different things that tick these boxes. Let alone the particular things happening in our own lives. 
From there, it’s only a short step – or fall (!) – to being completely swamped by them. Feeling there’s no way out or that’s just “how it is” with little chance of them getting much better. Doom, gloom and despondency, here we come… 
A couple of weeks ago we wrote about Type II Diabetes and the recent change in focus that’s aimed at trying to diagnose potential problems at a much earlier stage. Unfortunately, rather than encouraging people to address the issue earlier, it seems to be having completely the opposite effect. Causing complete confusion, coupled with a feeling of inevitability, meaning that a golden opportunity to take early action is wasted. If you missed it, you can find the post here
We’re often asked where we get the inspiration for the topics we write about each week in this blog. Well, the answer is twofold and quite simple. 
Some of the time inspiration comes from one of the many articles we’ve seen on the various channels and blogs we subscribe to or from a “proper” ink on paper book. Old fashioned, we know, but there’s nothing quite like sitting down in a comfy chair with your favourite beverage and an interesting book. 
With soaring levels of Type II Diabetes over recent years, it’s not surprising we’ve written about Diabetes several times before in this blog. You can find our posts here, here and here
The good – and potentially bad (!) – news about Type II Diabetes is that it’s a Lifestyle Condition. In other words, it’s the result of poor lifestyle choices being made over a long period of time. And we would emphasise the last few words. Over a long period of time. The effects of poor lifestyle choices cast a very long shadow, with the seeds usually being sown many years – or decades – before… 
Beginnings and endings are part of the great circle of life. Well, beginnings, middles and ends. The circle completes and starts again. 
While we tend to only remember the big circles – whether they’re welcome or not – they happen every day, in many different ways, whether we’re aware of them or not. Big and small. Part of our regular routine or completely unexpected. Long anticipated and hoped for or a bolt from the blue. Our heart’s desire or greatest nightmare. 
Calories – and calorie counting – have been the mainstay of weight loss regimes for many years, regardless of how they’re packaged or marketed. Or which celebrity is endorsing them (!). 
The logic is quite simple. We all know it by heart, it goes like this: 
Excess calories = weight gain. 
Therefore fewer calories = weight loss. 
Which naturally leads on to the “more is better” approach. Or, more accurately, “less is better” one (!). 
In other words, the more controlled and restricted the diet is, the fewer calories are consumed and the greater – and quicker – the weight loss. Well, in theory (!). Which means we can then go back to eating the foods we really want to. 
It’s something we all do automatically – and unconsciously – from time to time. Usually when one of our buttons are being pressed or our emotions threaten to overwhelm us, both positively and less so (!). Often a couple of deep breaths – or counting to 10 – are all that’s needed. A potential downward spiral is averted and everyone concerned lives to fight another day. Well, hopefully, not fight but you know what we mean… 
So why are deep breaths so powerful and often save the day? 
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