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Posts from March 2018

It’s now estimated that 8 out of 10 adults will experience back problems at some time during their lives. This is borne out by our experience, with David having treated more people with back – or neck – problems than anything else. 
Given this, it’s not surprising that there are so many conflicting pieces of advice about what causes back pain and, more importantly, how to relieve it. Sadly, many of these fall into the “Old Wives tales” category – or myths if you prefer (!) – and only prolong the problem, rather than helping speed it on its way. 
So, this week, we’re going to put those we hear most often under the spotlight and see if they’re really true. 
With the Spring Equinox yesterday and the clocks going forward to Summer on Sunday, we have two important signs this week that Spring has arrived. And, even better, Summer is just around the corner! 
To our ancestors, as well as anyone with strong links to the land and natural world, it’s an important time of year. The farming and gardening year are both well underway, with the promise of things to come. 
Even though these words of wisdom may date back over a hundred years, they’re as true today as when first spoken. They’re usually attributed to the great poet, playwright and raconteur, Oscar Wilde; although it’s been suggested he may have “borrowed” them from elsewhere. We’ll probably never know the truth and leave it to those of a literary persuasion to debate (!). 
Anyway, before we digress too much further (!), let’s return to the present day and one of those things that seems so hard to do.  
Be yourself. 
The snow may have melted but the “Beast of the East” is still making itself felt. And we’re not talking about yet more potholes on the roads (!), a few dented cars or some local shops playing catch up after the snow disrupted their supplies. Or the floods that so often follow heavy snow. 
Instead we’re thinking about things from a much more personal level and how the cold weather affects each of us, albeit to varying degrees (no pun intended!). And, much more importantly, how it continues to do so for a while after it’s gone. 
If this seems a strange thing to say, bear with us, it’ll all become clear in a minute. 
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