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Posts from September 2016

Earlier this month we talked about the delights of foraging and encouraged you to make the most of the glorious autumn weather to go out in search of blackberries and elderberries. Not only is it great fun but incredibly satisfying too! 
So let’s now talk about two other autumn goodies which are in plentiful supply this year. The first is one you’ve probably noticed – they really glow in the sunlight at this time of year – but never thought about using, Rose hips. Surprised? Many people are, thinking of them only for decoration. 
As we may have mentioned a few times before (!) we find people endlessly fascinating. And if you talk to any practitioner they would probably say the same. Not only our clients, but those we meet in our day to day lives, as well as family and friends. 
It may be something of a cliché but there’s always something to be learnt from everyone you meet, once you stop making snap judgments and take the time to get to know them. If you need a reminder about this, just scroll down to our post a couple of weeks ago about jumping to conclusions (!). Judgement is weakness, observation power. 
So what are we going to talk about today? It’s something we’ve been aware of for a long time but, for some reason, has become increasingly more obvious in recent months. And, perhaps, all the “doom, gloom and despondency” in the media has a lot to do with this. 
The schools are back and, as so often is the case, we’re now being treated to a glorious Indian summer. Although having said that here in Suffolk we’ve had a great summer – almost too hot at times for the true Brit!!! 
To us, one of the pleasures of autumn is going foraging for all the edible goodies that can be found in the hedgerows at this time of year. Not only are they organic, but come with zero food miles and exercise built in. 
There’s no doubt that the ability to make an instant decision – a snap judgement – is an important skill we all need to master. And a potentially life saving skill at that. 
While most of us will never face the threat of something big, hairy and hungry heading in our direction – thank goodness (!) – at some time during our lives it’s likely that we will face a potentially life threatening situation. Or maybe more than one. And when that happens being able to make an instant decision on how to react makes all the difference to the outcome… 
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