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Blog posts are provided for information only and are NOT intended as medical advice.  
They aim to provide a different perspective on a wide range of issues and are opinions based on the  
knowledge, research and experience we have built up over many years.  
You are welcome to use them as part of your own research and reach your own conclusions.  
As always, if you have any health concerns, please consult an appropriately qualified health professional. 

Posts from June 2023

From time to time, we look back over our list of blog posts. Seeing what we have – and haven’t (!) – talked about before. Wondering how we ever could have missed a particular topic, as well as the ones that have come up several times. Often, they’re topics you wouldn’t immediately think of as needing another blog post, but they keep coming up, whether with Clients or in some of the many resources we use. And, yes, we do a lot of research on a daily basis, whether linked to issues with particular Clients or to keep abreast of ongoing changes. 
Today, it’s one of those topics we’ve already written about several times before, as well as having mentioned in passing many other times. Vegetable oils. 
It’s been a while since we talked about mornings – not everyone’s favourite time of day, we know (!) – and how those first few minutes help set your day. Positively and less so… 
Not only that, how easy it is to overlook the most important thing of all. And one most people seem to take for granted. 
We talked about it back in 2017 and will give you the link a bit later – don’t scroll down and cheat (!) – but can you remember – or guess – what it is? 
It’s been a while since we’ve answered one of those – not as simple as you’d think – questions, which people love to ask us.  
It concerns one of the most common injuries and one we’ve all experienced from time to time, for a whole host of different reasons. Most often, from simply bumping or “catching” ourselves as we go about our day. Sometimes alongside more potentially serious injuries, such broken bones or torn ligaments. Ranging from a slight tenderness to a multi coloured delight – particularly as they wear off. And not forgetting the stories of exactly how they happened, with David having heard more than his fair share of “Was that really a good idea at the time?” stories over the years! 
So, what are we talking about this week? 
And, yes, we appreciate the irony of using words to make this statement in the first place! Let alone us living in an era of hyper connectivity and near instantaneous communication, which was meant to raise communication to a whole new level. While it has certainly changed the way we communicate, in many instances this hasn’t been for the better. Just look at social media if you’re in any doubt... 
Not only has it fostered the belief that “more is better”, it encourages instant “knee jerk” reactions, neither of which bode well for good communication. We’ve talked about the pitfalls of our obsession with all things communication before and the post can be found here
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