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Posts from October 2017

Listening to clients – as well as those we encounter in our day to day lives – it’s all too easy to fall into the “doom, gloom and despondency” trap. That the world is hard, negative and uncaring. Life is a constant struggle and the best we can hope for is to get by. 
However, as we’ve said many times before, this isn’t what life is about at all. We live on a planet that’s amazing and beautiful. Life is here for us to enjoy and, dare we say it, be happy (!). 
As clients and regular readers of this blog will know by now we like to keep things simple.  
That’s why we always focus on the small things you can do at home to help yourself. They’re all easy to do and quickly become part of your routine, so you don’t even have to think about them. Even better, they all have lots of other benefits as well, giving you more “bang for your buck.” 
Despite this, all too often, we hear clients saying that they find even the smallest change difficult to do. 
So why is this? 
Having focussed on winter bugs for the last few weeks, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re moving on to something completely different. And without a single mention of mucus, catarrh or snot (!) either. Sorry we just couldn’t resist it… 
If you’ve been unlucky enough to suffer from it, you’ll know first hand just how painful and debilitating this problem is. One client summed it up perfectly by saying that she couldn’t sit, couldn’t stand, could just about lay down – but couldn’t then get up – and really didn’t know what to do with herself. 
And, from personal experience, we’d say she’d got it right. Although, having said that, we’d add that it’s virtually impossible to get out of the car after a drive of more than a few minutes without resorting to a crowbar… 
So what are we talking about this week? 
Sciatica, the inflammation of the Sciatic Nerve. 
With the last few blog posts having been much longer than usual, we thought we’d keep it short and sweet this week. 
For some reason – and we have several theories as to why this is – most people seem to be experts at focussing on all the things they don’t want. Or fear happening. Or both. And can tell you all about them in gruesome detail. 
But ask them what they actually do want and the response you’re most likely to get is a stunned silence. As though you’ve asked them the last question on earth they’d ever expect and have no hope in answering. 
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