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Posts from April 2015

We’ve mentioned the multitude of cycles that occur in the natural world and impact on our lives several times before in this blog. 
At one extreme are the seconds making up each minute, which happen many, many times during our lifetime. At the other end are cycles which take millions – yes millions – of human lifetimes to complete, such as the completion of the galactic year. (The time it takes for our solar system to complete one circuit around the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy). 
While the length of the cycle may vary, they each share the same components. A start, maturing and end. Or, put another way, a birth, growth and death. You only have to look out of your window at this time of year to see them in action! 
Like many other labour saving devices, microwaves are such an accepted part of modern life that few people give them a second thought. Providing hot food in only a few minutes, they seem to be the easy antidote to our busy lives. Not only saving time in preparing meals, but in clearing up afterwards too. What’s there not to like about them? 
Despite this, concerns continue to be voiced about them and their impact on our health. So what are they – friend or foe? 
So let’s go back to the beginning. 
(And spending the day at home, slouched in front of the TV catching up on all those things you never quite get round to watching, dressed in a random assortment of clothes, doesn’t count!) 
In this hectic modern world of ours, we seem to have lost the art of having a proper day off. Of having a real break from all the demands of our lives. And we’re not talking about your annual trip to the sun either. 
There always seem to be things to be done, whether it be catching up or trying to get ahead. And that’s without all those good intentions, we never quite get round to. 
In theory, that’s what weekends are for. In practice they usually turn out rather differently. 
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