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Posts from May 2023

With the seemingly never ending Winter we’ve “enjoyed” this year – which probably isn’t quite how most people would describe it (!) – it’s not surprising we’ve all been wondering whether the rain would ever stop. Let alone the temperatures rise enough to be able to shed at least one layer of Winter clothing… 
As so often is the case, the weather has suddenly “turned” and early Summer has arrived, bringing with it the first taste of – fingers crossed (!) – a glorious Summer to come. And, yes, our glass is still half full regardless of what life may throw at us. 
So, this week, a quick reminder about some of the joys of this time of year just waiting for you to discover and savour them. 
Once again, we have recent conversations with Clients to thank for the inspiration for this week’s blog post. And it all started with us making a very simple observation. That everything we do EITHER makes life much easier for ourselves – and those around us (!) – OR does the exact opposite. Makes life much, much harder all round. 
Now if this sounds a bit like stating the blindingly obvious, it is, but it’s amazing how often we seem to forget this simple truth as we go about our day to day lives. 
In recent years there’s been much greater awareness about pollution, particularly the air we breathe and its impact on our health.  
And here’s a rather sobering fact for you. It’s estimated that over 90% of the world’s population breathe in polluted air. Not only does this affect their day to day lives, but also plays a part in a huge number of deaths each year. While those with Heart and Lung problems are more likely to be affected, poor quality air impacts on the body as a whole, particularly the functioning of the Kidneys and Liver, both of which have an important role in detoxing the body. 
We all have our own little habits, some endearing, some less so (!) most of which we’re completely oblivious to. Well, that’s until someone is kind enough to point them out to us… Have you ever wondered why this is? And, more importantly, why we’re so oblivious of them? 
As so often is the case, the answer is very simple AND very obvious, once pointed out. Habits are automatic and happen without requiring any conscious thought. They allow us to do more things each day, more easily, hence them flying under our radar until someone draws our attention to them. Then, as so often is the case, we can’t understand how we hadn’t noticed them before… 
We usually try to avoid contentious topics in our blog posts, for many different reasons, not least that we prefer not to raise people’s blood pressure first thing in the morning (!). Having said that, this week, we’re going to break this particular rule. It’s one of those things that most people will say definitely doesn’t apply to them (!), although other members of their household may say otherwise… 
So, what are we going to talk about this week? 
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