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Posts from September 2018

We love passing on tips of things you can do at home to help yourself, particularly using things you already have close at hand. With the temperatures already starting to drop – and farmers busy in the fields – this week we’d like to highlight the medicine chest lurking in your kitchen ready for the season ahead. 
It seems to be a common human failing that we all find it difficult to ask for help at times. 
Sometimes it’s because of a terrier like tendency not to let go until we’ve sorted whatever it is out. “I’ll do this if it’s the last thing I do.” 
Or, perhaps, it’s down to embarrassment – or pride – that we think we’ll look stupid if we ask for help. “Everyone else can do it, why can’t I?”. “What will people think?” 
While it may sound like a bit of a cliché, there’s nothing stupid about asking for help. In fact, exactly the reverse could be said to be true. Knowing that you need help but not asking for it, now that is stupid. 
Despite all the press coverage – and scare stories – over the last few years about Dementia and Alzheimer’s there still seems to be a huge amount of confusion about them. And we should quickly say that no pun was intended. 
In talking to clients, we’ve noticed that most people seem to use these two words interchangeably. And, even when there’s been a diagnosis of one or the other, they don’t seem to be much the wiser. To know what it actually means. Or what can be done to help. 
If you think this sounds far too simplistic – not to mention rather hippy’ish (!) – please bear with us. We’d like to give you another one of our different perspectives on life. 
There can be little doubt that we each experience a huge range of different emotions during our day to day lives. And in our own unique way. 
We all seem to have our own particular range of emotions. Those we tend to express most often and feel more comfortable with. Positive and less so. 
And, as a quick aside, the Mr Men – and Little Miss – books many of us enjoyed as children offer brilliant caricatures of some of them. Mr Happy. Mr Grumpy. Mr Worry. 
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