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Posts from May 2021

It’s been a while since we’ve written about the cycles that play out in our lives. Some are easy to see, particularly at this time of year, when we can feel the slow – very slow, this year (!) – quickening from Spring into Summer. Having said that, the signs are definitely there if you spend a few minutes outside. The cuckoo is busy in the woods near our home, swallows and house martins have finally arrived – hurrah (!) – and the lovely frothy sheep’s parsley is festooning the verges. Everyone has their own particular signs that Summer is here, so we’ll leave you to include your own particular favourites… 
Then there are the cycles that aren’t so obvious, but still affect our lives, even if it’s just at the “something feels different” level we can’t quite put our finger on. And it’s one of these we’d like to talk about today. It takes us into the realm of astrology – and, “yes”, we know the mere mention of it can get some people going (!) – but, please, bear with us before you dismiss it out of hand…. 
We have a standing joke in our family that everything is multi functional. And if you know anyone who uses a walking stick, you’ll know exactly what we mean! Not only is the stick used for its intended purpose, but many others too, with an incredible amount of ingenuity thrown in for good measure… 
However, this adage applies equally to all those “treasures” found at the back of our kitchen cupboards and it’s one of these we’d like to talk about today. We can virtually guarantee it’s in most homes, even if it hasn’t seen the light of day for a while… 
What are we talking about?  
Bicarb of Soda or, if you’d prefer its full name, Sodium Bicarbonate. You may also know it as Baking Soda or Baking Powder. Although we should say that, strictly, these are a little different to Bicarb of Soda, with additional substances being added to them to make them more stable; so giving more consistent results as well as a longer shelf life. 
It’s been a while – 2016, to be precise – since we’ve devoted an entire blog post to the “one eyed monster” or, as we heard it described recently, the “idiot box”… 
While it may not have taken centre stage for a while, it has been mentioned in passing on a number of occasions in our posts. The main reason for this is that it still seems to be the primary source of information for many people. Dare we even say the majority of people. This always strikes us as rather strange, given how easy it is to obtain information these days, not least with a little googling. Even more so as it usually results in a much more rounded picture of whatever topic you’re interested in, as well as being more convenient – and quicker (!) – too. 
We often talk about the joys of seasonal eating. Enjoying whatever foods are in season right now, however short their season may be. Not only does it mean we’re eating foods when they’re at their natural best – both in terms of flavour and nutrients – but it’s an easy way to eat local, avoiding the dreaded food miles. 
We’ve all learnt about this the hard way. Succumbing to those perfect looking out of season fruit and vegetables found in the supermarkets during the Winter, flown in from the other side of the world for our delectation. And then bitterly disappointed to find they’re nothing like those grown locally and enjoyed at their natural time of year… Strawberries are a prime example of this which, sadly, most of us have fallen for at some time or other… 
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