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Posts from March 2021

It’s often said that imagination is one of our greatest gifts. The one which sets us apart from all the other life forms sharing this beautiful planet with us. However, like all gifts, it’s a two edged sword and can be used for good or ill. To help us or harm us. To speed us on our way, or to hold us back; if not send us in completely the wrong direction. 
Regardless of how we choose to use it – and, yes, it is a choice; more about this in a minute – imagination is the spark that sets EVERYTHING in our lives in motion. And you may want to read that last bit again. Let it sink in. Imagination really is the spark that sets EVERYTHING in motion. 
And, yes, it is one of those slightly trick questions designed to get you thinking! So, if you’re ready, here we go. 
Allowing for a little natural reticence (!), we all know exactly how old we are. Well, more accurately, we know how many years – and in some cases days, weeks and months (!) – since the day we were born. Despite our bodies having changed in many ways since that time – not least in “growing up” and then later in “ageing” – we see them as solid and permanent. 
However – and this is what we were hinting at with the title of this week’s blog post – is this really the case? That our bodies are as constant as we like to think they are. The simple answer is no. 
If these words sound familiar, they are. Well, if you were a teenager – or around them (!) – in the early 1980’s. 1982 to be precise. They come from a song by “Fun Boy Three with Bananarama” which, apparently, took its inspiration – and quite a few of the lines (!) – from an Ella Fitzgerald song of 1939. If you’d like a trip down memory lane here’s the link. And, that’s probably more than enough pop trivia for one blog post. Let alone slightly scary reminders of “Top of the Pops” and 1980’s fashions… 
So, before we get completely side tracked, what were we going to talk about this week? 
A couple of weeks’ ago we wrote about Headaches and, this week, we’re now going to look at Migraines. While they’re often through of as a “bad Headache”, there is much more to them than this, as anyone who has ever experienced one will tell you. 
If you want a very simple analogy, it’s like the difference between a Cold and full blown Flu. And, yes, we know there’s a grey area between them, but it’ll still give you an idea of how different they are – in terms of symptoms, intensity, duration and, just as important, time needed to get over it. 
So, let’s take a closer look. 
With everything that’s happened in the last year or so – goodness, has it really been that long?!? – it’s not surprising that many people are struggling, despite a little light finally appearing at the end of a rather long tunnel. Are finding themselves in a pit of “doom, gloom and despondency” without even realising it. 
From personal experience, not to mention many conversations with Clients, friends and family over the years, we know just how difficult it can be to start turning things around. To feel more in control of our lives. Let alone experiencing those elusive feelings of contentment or happiness. 
Regardless of how dire things may seem – and this may sound completely counter intuitive – realising that we’re in the pit of “doom, gloom and despondency” is good news. And, yes, we know this may sound like a rather strange thing to say. It may even have you wanting to throttle us for suggesting such a thing but, please, bear with us. It’ll all make sense in a minute. Yes, it will! 
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