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Posts from October 2016

Having been in practice for a number of years we’re aware that our perspective on life generally – and health in particular – is rather different to everyone else’s (!). Or, as a younger family member so delightfully puts it, “You’re not normal, why can’t you be like everyone else?” Much to his annoyance we take this as a compliment, rather than the wind up he was intending! 
In large part, we’d say this was down to our independent natures, possibly verging on delinquent at times (!) – coupled with a tendency to question things that everyone else seems to accept as true… 
Don’t you just love the questions children ask you – and they’re always the ones without a simple answer! Having been asked this one the other day, we thought it was time for a little research on something we all do every day without ever thinking about it… 
Well, our answer – and the obvious answer at that – was that we laugh when we find something funny. But, as we all know, it’s much more than that. 
There are so many different reasons why we laugh. And not only when we find something funny. Those uncomfortable - or inappropriate – situations, when we just can’t seem to help it. Or, perhaps, when we’ve hurt ourselves. 
You may well have heard the saying “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.” But is it still true today? Our answer would always be a resounding “yes” (!) and you only need look at the word itself to see why it’s so important. 
Breakfast is an old english word which can be traced back to the 15th century. It’s a shortened form of “breaking the fast”. In other words the first meal of the day which “breaks the fast” of the previous night. 
While we may sleep during the night our bodies don’t; with many vital housekeeping and detoxing processes running overnight. This is the reason why we wake up feeling hungry – and often thirsty too – as our metabolic rate, blood sugar, energy and hydration levels all tend to be at their lowest when we wake. Not forgetting the essential trip to the bathroom to get rid of the end results of all that work (!) and freshen up for the new day.. 
Mention visualistion to people and the most common response is that it’s one of those “airy fairy, new age” things. Not for real people busy living their lives in the real world. 
And that’s a real shame as it’s something we all do naturally, without ever realising it. 
Don’t believe us? 
Well that’s exactly what happens when you do anything creative whether it’s painting a picture, cooking a meal or thinking about your garden. Being able to “see it” in your mind’s eye – visualise it – is the crucial first step. 
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