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Posts from July 2016

Despite meditation having become, dare we say it, “mainstream” in recent years, its hippy’ish image continues. And that’s a real shame for everyone. Not only because it has nothing to do with illegal substances or “peace, love and panpipes man.” 
But because there are huge benefits from doing it regularly AND it’s much easier to do than you ever imagined. You’ve probably been doing it for years in your own unique way without having realised it. 
Ok, we’ll admit it, it’s another tenuous link but we couldn’t resist this picture - and you'll have to click over to the next page to find out what it is (!). 
So what are we talking about this week? 
Sadly it’s not about pandas or the benefits of making bamboo a regular part of your diet (!). 
Rather it’s about eyes and those annoying dark smudges – or bags (!) – which appear under them from time to time. And now you know why we chose this picture… 
Once again we have our clients to thank for providing the inspiration for this week’s topic. Not only for demonstrating the many different causes for so called “panda eyes” but for also reminding us of their common underlying link. 
What with the traditional english summer we’ve been enjoying (!) and all the political shenanigans, there’s plenty to be miserable about at the moment. And we haven’t even mentioned football, tennis or the upcoming Olympics. Let alone the delights of a fortnight in the sun with your “nearest and dearest” to look forward to (!). 
While DNA and our genes are often blamed for this negative focus – and our inbuilt survival mechanism always being on the lookout for threats – there’s another much simpler answer. 
So far this year we’ve enjoyed the delights of a traditional english summer – a couple of sunny days followed by several of rain – although you never know it may change… 
Given the weather, it’s hardly surprising that people are making the most of the merest glimmer of sun to dust off their barbeques and get cooking. 
Like us you’ve probably experienced your fair share of barbeques over the years; with the all too common “raw on the inside, burnt on the outside” offerings. All going well, you’ve survived them without any ill effects, although they account for a large number of food poisonings every summer. 
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