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Posts from August 2015

We know that even raising this question may be considered heresy by some – or us luddites by others (!) – but has our modern obsession with communication just gone too far? 
Has it transformed from a useful tool – our servant – making life so much easier, to an insatiable monster without us even noticing? 
And are we so distracted that we don’t actually live our lives anymore? 
Go out and about these days and it won’t take you long to see this modern obsession in action. People crossing the street while hypnotised by their phones. Texting or talking on the phone while driving cars, riding bikes or eating out at the restaurants. Really, doing almost anything you can think of with their phone glued to their hand or ear. 
Completely oblivious to what they’re doing – or those around them. 
It never ceases to amaze us how little many people know – or seem to care – about the food they eat. And how willing they are to take on trust that whatever is on the shelves of their local supermarket is safe to eat and good for them. You wouldn’t believe how often we hear this from clients… 
The subject of this week’s blog, MSG, is an excellent example of this. Those three little letters sound so innocuous, but is this really the case? 
MSG – or mono sodium glutamate – is a form of salt added to foods during processing. Not only does it help to enhance the flavour of the food, but it also acts as a preservative, so extending its shelf life. Added to this it’s cheap to produce from fermented sugar beet. 
Life, these days, seems to be a constant barrage of mixed messages. 
On one hand we’re encouraged to take the easy option. To be more sedentary. 
To use the lift rather than the stairs. Park the car as close as possible to our destination. Sit more, both at home and at work. In short, to utilise every device designed to save us time or effort. 
On the other we’re told to be more active, with government backed recommendations on the amount of exercise to be taken each week. 
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