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Posts from September 2015

As readers of this blog will know our focus is firmly on the positive side of life. Good news. Stories to encourage us. To make us smile. 
So, this week, here’s a story we recently heard which illustrates just how powerful a little encouragement can be. 
Two frogs named Bill and Bob fell into a deep pit together. At first, they thought it would be easy to jump out. 
A couple of weeks ago we looked at the water coming out of our taps and how it may not be as clean – or wholesome – as we would like to think. 
This week we’re focussing on one common addition to tap water, fluoride – although there are many other ways you may be coming into contact with it in your day to day life. And there are no prizes for guessing fluoride toothpaste either (!). More about this later. 
The message we’ve long been told about fluoride is that it helps to build strong teeth and bones. Even better, it prevents tooth decay as well. If this is true, what’s all the fuss about? 
Well, like many modern myths, it’s only partly true. Yes, studies have long shown a link between drinking water NATURALLY high in fluoride and strong teeth. However, this is not replicated where fluoride is ARTIFICALLY added to drinking water. Ironically exactly the opposite been found. 
And, no, we’re not talking about your favourite TV or radio channel. 
Rather the personal station we all have in our heads. One that broadcasts 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. And is virtually impossible to ignore. 
Not surprisingly many people refer to it as “the monster in their heads”. 
The interesting thing is that we each have our own unique station. For us and us alone. 
So, if we asked what your station was, what would you say? 
Happy and full of the joys of life. 
Perhaps the other extreme. Doom, gloom and despondency. 
Or something in between. 
Confused? Well, let’s explain. 
We don’t mind admitting that water is one of our pet topics (!), both with clients and on this blog. 
While we usually focus on how much water is being drunk each day – and “no” tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and beer don’t count (!) – there’s another aspect of water which is becoming an increasing concern. 
It’s something we’ve all considered when travelling to faraway places. But not when we’re at home in the UK. 
And that’s how safe the water coming out of our taps is to drink. 
We know this question may invoke a rather indignant response from some – “of course the water’s safe to drink” – but is this still the case? 
Not surprisingly we’re often asked this question by people. And, to be honest, there isn’t a simple answer. 
Certainly not one that neatly fits into a single sentence, as all the marketing people suggest. 
The closest we’ve come to this is talking about offering a more natural and holistic approach to health issues. But that still isn’t very helpful. 
Listing the therapies we offer – which is much longer than appears on our leaflet and website – isn’t much better. Particularly if it’s the first time someone has considered the complementary approach. 
Nor is going to the other extreme and giving a huge amount of detail about each therapy. Unless you want a long conversation, with a great deal of confusion thrown in for good measure! 
The problem is that we don’t have a standard, one size fits all, approach. We don’t treat everyone in the same way. 
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