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Posts from May 2019

Perhaps it’s a side effect of the ever faster speed of life – or our increasingly reliance on all things technological – but it seems that many basic skills are in danger of being lost forever. Or, as one friend so kindly pointed out, it may just be part of becoming older! 
Anyway, before we digress too far, we’re not only talking about practical skills such as wiring plugs, changing a car wheel or actually cooking a meal from scratch at home. But rather the ability to think for ourselves. To reach our own conclusions about any given topic. 
Sadly, all too many people view their six monthly check ups at the Dentist with a certain amount of apprehension. Will anything be found and, if so, how much drilling is it going to involve? And that’s assuming they’re not one of the sizeable minority of people who don’t go to the Dentist for years – or even decades… 
Given this, it’s not surprising that most people’s attention is firmly fixed on the likely pain associated with any dental work, such as fillings, rather than the procedure itself. As a result, it’s taken time for the potential dangers of amalgam – mercury – fillings to become better known and for people to consider the alternative of white composite fillings. While these may not be perfect – and don’t tend to last so long – they are now considered a safer alternative by many dentists. We wrote a blog post about mercury back in July 2015, which can be found here
As clients and regular readers of this blog will know, we love people watching and find the human condition endlessly fascinating. And, before anyone gets the wrong idea, we’re not talking about it from an “OMG” point of view. Nor from a professional one either, although David can spot a dodgy hip, back or knee at a 100 paces (!). Our interest is simply that no two people are precisely the same. And, yes, we know it’s a cliché, but that doesn’t stop it being true. 
While we each have our own particular foibles, – or endearing little habits, if you prefer (!) - beliefs and behaviours, there are many we seem to share; whether we’re aware of it or not. The one we’d like to focus on today is something we can all succumb to at times although, sadly, it seems to be in danger of becoming the norm. 
So what are we talking about? 
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