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Posts from August 2016

With the recent spell of hot weather – well, hot for the UK (!) – it’s easy for people to become dehydrated without even realising it. 
Perhaps it’s due to them not being used to hot weather and simply not recognising the warning signs. Having said that, many of the classic signs of dehydration seem so obvious – to us at least (!) – that it can sometimes be difficult to understand how people don’t seem to join the dots. 
So, this week, we’re going to focus on the most common signs of dehydration. And, don’t be fooled, they apply all year round and not just in the summer (!). 
Happiness – or the lack of it – is a subject that frequently comes up with clients and one we’ve discussed several times in the blog. 
So many people seem to have forgotten what it’s like to be happy. And we’re not talking about the transient happiness from the latest gizmo or “must have” but a deeper sense of being happy with yourself and your life. 
Spend time with young children and you’ll quickly see that happiness is our natural state. Our default setting. 
Yet somewhere along the way we seem to have lost touch with it, so by the time we’re “grown up” anyone who’s happy is seen as “a bit odd”. 
And “no” we’re not talking about telegrams from the Queen or cricket either… 
Just in case you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about the 100 blog posts we’ve made over the last couple of years. Even though we’ve covered a huge range of topics – and some more than once – they all have the same underlying message. And it’s such an important one that we wanted to use this blog post – our 101st (!) – to focus on it. 
If you need a hint it’s at the bottom of every blog post – even this one. 
So what is it? 
A couple of weeks ago we wrote about meditation. How it’s much easier than you could ever have imagined. That you’ve probably being meditating for years in your own unique way without realising it. And why there’s so much more to it than its hippy’ish image would suggest. 
So, this week, we thought we’d introduce you to another technique. It has similar benefits to meditation but is equally misunderstood. Mindfulness. 
And if this sounds much too much like more navel gazing, bear with us. You may be surprised by what mindfulness really involves. How it instantly cures one of the most widespread of modern complaints, of time rushing by too quickly. Each day passing by in a blur of activity. Not having enough time to do what we want – or need – to do. 
Cholesterol – and statins – are subjects we discuss regularly with clients and have written about before in this blog. “Cholesterol – are statins a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” posted in September 2014 can be found in the blog archives to the right of this post. 
Despite the huge amount of coverage this topic has had in the mainstream press, fundamental misunderstandings remain about both cholesterol and the effectiveness of statins. So, once again, let’s have another look at this subject and shatter some of the most common myths. 
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