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Posts from February 2020

Since the start of the year – and brand new decade (!) – we’ve been looking at our tendency to always look outside for the reasons for whatever’s going on in our lives. Suggesting that, perhaps, we’ve been looking in completely the wrong place. 
Instead of looking outside ourselves for the reason – “It’s nothing to do with me, honest Guv” – we should be looking inside. And, this is where it can start to get quite scary for many people. 
Before we pick up where we left off a fortnight ago, we’d like to take a quick look at WHY we find it so scary.  
Well, the simple answer is that it’s another one of those cunning little tricks, the Little Monster in our heads plays on us; which stops us from making any changes. 
With the near saturation coverage of the Coronavirus outbreak on mainstream media, it’s not surprising it’s become the number one question from clients. As well as from friends and family. A topic of great concern. 
While the position is still far from clear, only a little research is needed to show that the picture being painted in the mainstream press is, at best, over simplistic. Unnecessarily alarmist. 
As so often is the case, there are a number of different factors playing a part, rather than one single – and easily identifiable – cause. Equally true is that there’s no single – or simple – solution. 
However, it’s not the specifics we’d like to focus on today. Instead, we’re going to take a look at two more general issues which keep coming up when we talk to people about it. 
A couple of weeks ago, we looked at our tendency to always look for external reasons for whatever’s happening in our lives. And how this quickly leads on to the perennially favourite “Blame Game”, as we find lots of reasons why whatever it is has nothing to do with us. Honest, guv. 
Unfortunately, there’s a big flaw in this logic, which we seem to be completely oblivious to. A very large elephant in the room. If, as we’d like to believe, it was all down to external factors then, a little distance from whatever it is, would solve the problem. Unfortunately, as we all know far too well, this never quite works. Whatever it is just comes with us and continues to press our buttons. 
So, continuing with simple logic, if the cause isn’t an external one then there’s only one other place to look. Inside, within ourselves. And this is where it starts to get very interesting, if not a little scary. If you missed this post you can find it here
While it’s something we all take for granted – well, until there’s a power cut (!) – it’s easy to forget that mains electricity is a relatively new phenomenon. Or how much it’s changed the way we live our lives in a relatively short period of time. And continues to do so. 
Not surprisingly, we often see this change in terms of all those technological comforts and gizmos electricity brings us. A greatly improved standard of living. 
However, there’s another fundamental way in which electricity has changed our lives. One that it’s easy to overlook. It’s all to do with artificial light and how we spend the dark hours of the day. 
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