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Posts from June 2015

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about spending time alone – and how “alone” has an entirely different meaning to the one understood by most people. 
Since then we‘ve had some fascinating conversations with clients about some other words. Not to mention a few “ah ha” moments of our own. 
So, this week, we’d like to highlight a few other words you’re sure to use every day. Ones you probably don’t think twice about using. And have never stopped to wonder what they actually mean. 
One of the most common questions we're asked by clients is whether it's worth taking a multi vitamin and mineral supplement. This is usually accompanied by an assurance that they're eating a healthy diet, although it's amazing how often this differs from our idea of a healthy diet (!). But let's leave that one for another day… 
The widespread view – and one usually portrayed in the media – is that supplements are unnecessary. And, even worse, a waste of money. While we'd agree with the later in many instances – although not for the reasons you may think – these days even the healthiest of diets is unlikely to give all the nutrients needed for full health. 
You probably won’t be surprised to hear this, but most of the ideas for our weekly blog post come from our clients. 
Usually, the same topic will come up several times in a few days and we’ll take the hint and get writing. Or, more accurately, Elaine will get writing while David does editorial comment (!). 
Other times the hint will come from seeing several articles all on the same topic. Or in other people’s blogs. Or, perhaps, the time of year. 
So where did the idea for this week’s post come from? 
Well, from conversations we’ve had with clients this week, which have highlighted a very common myth about spending time alone. And one we’re very happy to dispel. 
It’s June and the forecast is for a mini heatwave over the weekend. Well, in the mid 20’s, which is a heatwave for the UK. 
Cue the usual headlines about the dangers of the sun and sun bathing. Not forgetting global warming and pollution. 
We all played outside in the sunshine as children, without any ill effects. And, if you Mother was anything like ours, she believed in fresh air and sunshine all year round. Not just in the summer. 
So when did spending time outside in the sunshine become so dangerous? 
And is slathering yourself in sun tan lotion really the answer? 
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